10 Easy Eating Tips To Kick Start Your Weight Loss

10 quick easy eating tips weight loss

In order to lose weight, it is imperative to follow smart tips, and what better way than getting some hands down advice from people who actually know what it’s like […]

Magnesium – The Wonder Mineral You Lack! Use it to Improve Sleep, Build Muscle and Lose Weight

magnesium you lack

Magnesium is an awesome mineral. It is getting more and more coverage these days, however, there are still a significant amount of people who do not know about the benefits […]

Making Your Exercise Schedule Work for You – An Expert’s Point Of View

time for fitness

Weekday. Sleep through alarm, wake up late. Fill belly with coffee and half a slice of toast (possible addition: your choice of spread). Get clothes on and get out the […]

Essential Oil Therapy: 7 Blends For Solving Common Health Issues


Essential oils can do more than just add fragrance to your favorite rooms in your home or office. They can help improve you and your family’s health. Just diffusing them […]

3 Best Herbs To Boost Testosterone Production

Testosterone herbs

Nowadays, people have been opting and searching for natural remedies, including herbs that increase testosterone. What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a natural male hormone that promotes muscle growth and development […]

Sleep And Its Role In Maintaining A Functioning Body

wake up

Insomnia can be brought on for many different reasons and can come in various forms. One of the most common is Sleep Maintenance Insomnia, and this is when a person […]

Time Under Tension Training: The Armor Building Complex

Time under tension armor building complex

The concept of time under tension revolves around lifting a certain weight (or your own) slowly or in a timed manner with the intent of increasing muscle size. You bench-press up […]