The Brick Breaker Kettlebell Complex!

You know that feeling you get when you sometimes just want to punch a wall specially a brick wall? Whether it’s getting into a fight with your folks or lover, wanting to […]

The Delicious Truth About Calories

Delicious truth on calories

Obesity has become a common sight especially as many have turned towards processed and instant food to fill themselves up. This trend is causing unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain all […]

No Exercise? No Problem: Losing Weight Through Diet Alone

Lose weight diet

Most of us know that regular exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. But today our lives have become extremely hectic and lack of time prevents many […]

Infographic: Journey From Fat To Fit

Journey fat to fit

Get Ripped: The Journey from Fat to Fit Are you unhappy with your present level of fitness? Are you looking to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off? […]

How Do I Avoid Sitting All Day?

Unhealthy sitting

“Sitting is a silent killer”, it doesn’t sound as dangerous as it should be. Unfortunately, a lot spend most of their day in one position without a single exercise. The dangers […]

10 Ways To Rid Yourself Of Sweaty Hands Naturally

10 ways sweaty hands naturally stop

The thing with sweaty hands is not only are they extremely awkward to have whether you’re alone or not but they’re also quite a pain to deal with when you’re […]

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Fresh Orange Juice!

10 orange juice health benefits

Do you love orange juice as much as I do? Orange juice is the most popular fruit juice in America and probably in other countries where oranges grow in abundance. […]