Where is Our Diet Headed in The Next Few Years?

Have you ever thought about the future food trends? Probably not. Let’s take a look at the food journey and know about the foodstuff that will be consumed in the […]

How Cycling Can Help You Get Fit – And Stay That Way

Cycling fitness

With the first rays of spring sun, many rush to get their bicycles from the back of their garages and use as the main vehicles of transportation. However, aside from […]

How Fasting Boosts Weight Loss and Improves Brain Function

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The Ugly Truth Behind The Sweeteners You Put In Your Coffee

Ugly truth sweeteners

The rich flavor of morning coffee is something worth waking up for. It even makes Monday mornings easier. Alright, let’s be honest, it makes every morning a little easier. Now, […]

3 Main Differences in Training For Size vs. Training for Strength

Lifting muscle

If you are going to the gym and your aim is getting big and strong, it is important that you understand that each of them can be very different things. […]

7 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic (#4 is definitely new to me)

7 Garlic benefits health

Have you discovered the benefits of garlic yet? Our ancestors did a very long time ago, and having been using it for centuries for medicinal purposes, and maybe to ward […]

Take a Break or Suffer the Effects of Chronic Cardio

chronic cardio is bad

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re doing too much cardio? Working out your cardiovascular system is great for your fitness and general well-being, however, just like any other good […]