11 Easy Tips To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

holiday fitness tips

The festive season is here once again and as per the norm, there will be partying and merry making that usually accompanies it. In a nutshell, this means taking up more calories and eventually ending up with that unwanted fat bump on your tummy and waistline.

During this time, more often than not exercising will prove to be a major challenge primarily because parties translate into guests whether family or friends thus the noble gesture of hosting. Hosting as we are all aware is not an easy task, it is tedious and time-consuming so it goes without saying your workout time will drastically be affected.

Good thing there’s more to the Holidays than letting the fat pack on! Here are 11 awesome tips to keep your shape and make it last a few weeks more!

  1. Activity Oriented Parties

Plan activity oriented parties, group activities such as caroling, family fun runs, should be part of the events to make the occasion not only about feasting to a way to stay fit too. The upside of involving other people is that it makes workouts fun which more often than not is never the case.

  1. Change Tactics

When you are going out shopping for the various provisions needed for the festivities, try to avoid as much as possible using the automobile as a means of transport. How about cycling or just the good old-fashioned walk instead? The health benefits that will be raked up from using any of the two will be enormous.

  1. Homemade Gym

A homemade gym will also come handy during this season, it is factual that free time will not be that easy to get especially when you are hosting but one can always a little time here and there. A quick powerful run on the treadmill is all you need to keep fit suppose you have one at your home.

Treadmills are very good tools for cardio activities, be sure you have the right one installed whether its manual or its electric counterpart. They should be stable and sturdy enough to support the weight of the intended user and remember to get the posture right when working out i.e the head should be up and slightly leaned forward, the abdomen tight then the shoulders should be backward.

  1. Venture Outdoors

Instead of spending most of your time indoors snacking and boozing you may opt to go outside and engage in activities such as hiking, skating or even light jogging to burn up a few calories.

  1. Workout Partner

There is a great need to look for a workout partner to push and urge you to get out there and shed a few kilos, this is a great idea because of the notion that there is strength in numbers suppose you were alone it would be easier to procrastinate but when a second party is involved then the guilt of not wanting to disappoint your partner is good enough nudge to go and work out.

  1. Workout DVD Or Video

There are a myriad of high-quality workout videos out there just find the right one and the power on that TV or laptop because the chances are high that you sought and found a good aerobics video that is worth your while if at all you are into them.

  1. Set A Goal Or Challenge

Have a specific target that you ought to achieve this festive season let’s say you would wish to maintain your current bodyweight no matter what, do remember goals or challenges are meaningless if you don’t strive towards achieving them the secret is therefore to set and then strictly follow.

  1. Stairs

You may not know it but stairs can be a great exercising tool, suppose you live in an apartment or any other storied house then taking a powerful walk up or down the stairs frequently is a good cardio activity because it gives you a proper leg work to strengthen and ease pressure on your joints.

  1. Wise Food Choices

During this time feasting is mandatory but you always have a choice of the kind of food that you can eat by this simply mean choose foods that are low in calories i.e for refreshments instead of beer which is high in calories opt for that punch instead.

  1. Training

Weight lifting can also help us stay fit this season, however, it is an activity that many find hard to maintain or carry out properly and for that a weightlifting routine should be brought into play. Weight lifting routine is essential that it give you the room to maximize your training while on the other hand giving you ample time for body rest.

The routine should be divided into stages i.e. warm up stage, cooling down and then the training sequence. The warm up stage basically prepares the body for the rigorous activity that is about to be undertaken, the cooling down stage returns the heartbeat back to normalcy to curb against incidences like fainting during weight lifting.

The training sequence contains a number of weight lifting techniques that when properly put into play will help in burning excess fats thus toning up the body muscles.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Last but most definitely not by all means least, keep your body re-hydrated at all times, water is essential to the body primarily because about 70% of our body is made up of water so whether you are working out, boozing or snacking always have that bottle of glass of water by your side to replenish the body tissues and maintain other bodily functions.


It is the festive season for crying out loud! Go out there and let loose, party, drink have fun all you want but do not let a few weeks of festivities ruin that perfect body you have worked so hard for the whole year to make and keep. Try all or a raft of these tips to keep fit this festive season they will no doubt be beneficial to you and strike off that ‘I want to lose weight’ from your new year’s resolution list.

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  • Whenever I visit the grocery store nowadays, I usually skip the biscuit, chips and soft drinks aisle. I try and stick to fresh produce and also try to stay out of processed or frozen foods. I think if you do not have self control and find yourself eating half a packet of biscuits or a whole packet in one serving, just do not purchase them because if they are not in your house you are not going to eat them. If you still want to purchase some snacky foods its better to get them from the health food aisle at the grocery store. You will get great alternatives that are a lot healthier.

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