3 Big Superfoods For Building Big Lean Muscles!

big muscle food

big muscle food

Food For Muscle Growth

Building lean muscle is important for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a professional athlete or simply trying to get back in shape, increasing lean muscle is certainly a good starting point. Keeping to a good workout plan is crucial for getting fit and healthy but diet can’t be ignored. A weekly ‘cheat meal’ suddenly turns into a daily ‘cheat meal’ and before you know it, you’ve put the pounds back on and struggling to maintain your lean physique.

Unfortunately in recent years, weight loss pills and supplements have become all the rage. Youngsters turn to these supplements as an easy way to reach their goals. The truth is, this isn’t the best option and sticking to a good diet and exercising is the only way you’ll be truly healthy.

There are some very interesting superfood hacks though, that can help catalyse fat loss. These foods are completely natural and have been proven to offer great results. Below are 3 superfoods we looked into that have been associated specifically with weight loss.

 Green coffee

1. Green Coffee

The first superfood worth looking into would be green coffee bean extract. It has long been associated with weight loss but the science is still debated. Green coffee extract comes from coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. Just like normal coffee beans, green coffee extract will provide your with caffeine. The big benefit of green coffee over roasted coffee is a single element called Chlorogenic acid. This is thought to reduce the amount of glucose absorbed by your body.

Unfortunately, chlorogenic acid gets broken down during coffee roasting so regular coffee doesn’t offer this perceived weight loss benefit. This ability to reduce glucose absorption is perfect for weight loss and is the reason so many associate it with losing weight.


2. Glucomannan

Glucomannan sounds like a fancy foodstuff but it reflects a very simple science for weight loss. Glucomannan simply makes you feel fuller for longer, thus helping reduce the need to eat excess calories. It’s found in many fibrous root crops, such as yams and kasava. There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to this food being used to help weight loss but the way it works could certainly help some people reduce their calorie intake. Perhaps a more popular alternative to this train of thought is consuming soups.

Soups leave people feeling fuller for longer as they are absorbed into the body slower. The effect of feeling fuller for longer means people naturally don’t eat as much. Again, this is why high protein, low carb diets have a strong association with getting lean, as these diets keep you fuller for longer. Glucomannan may be a specific example, but the idea could certainly be used in a broader way.


3. Forskolin

The final superfood we looked at is foreskolin. This food has a long history with medical benefits. These apparently include everything from reduced heart disease to weight loss. Although many preach of its medical healing powers, there is very little hard hitting scientific evidence so this is probably something that isn’t worth taking until further studies have taken place.


Conclusion – Getting Lean

As you can see, there are plenty of perceived superfoods out there – including ones that are supposed to help with weight loss. You can look into buying supplement pills or finding foods that have an association with weight loss however you’ll probably discover the best results simply come from a balanced healthy diet.

Building muscle and getting lean can certainly be supplemented with products and certain foods but this can’t replace a good balanced diet. A lot of the advice out there tries to give general recommendations about diet and exercise. It’s no surprise to learn those who adapt their diet to their own bodies usually see much better results. Visiting a personal trainer or nutritionist can give you a better idea of what will work best for you.

A general rule of 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day is a good guidance. If you are taking on a lot of physical activity or sport, you will need to increase this so your body has enough protein to rebuild muscle mass. If your protein intake is too low, you’ll lose a lot of muscle in addition to any fat.

By simply eating foods that keep you full, you can ensure you are naturally reducing the need for excess calories. Combine this with a tailored workout plan and the result should come naturally. People who don’t see results often fall short on diet and exercise, rather than not taking supplements or superfoods. Building muscle and getting lean isn’t easy but with dedication and hard-work, you can achieve your optimal physique.

Have you had success with a diet? Let us know your thoughts!

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