4 Quick And Easy Food Swaps For Healthier Mornings

4 food swaps healthy

We all know just how hectic mornings may be, so it is no wonder so many people decide to skip breakfast or just grab a quick bite at a nearest bakery or buy a candy bar in a store. However, if you changed your routine and diet just a little bit, your mornings would be filled with laugh and positive energy, and you would be ready to face any challenge of the day ahead.

1. Healthy Cheats

For those who are just getting started with diet changes, it might be a bad idea to restrict your meals straightaway. Instead, you could try finding healthier replacements of your favourite ‘guilty pleasures’: make your own pizza and use cauliflower or broccoli instead of regular dough, make your own ketchup instead of using sugar-filled ones you can find in a store, and keep a bottle of flavoured water in your fridge for those times when your body starts craving a soda.

For those who cannot live without chocolate, advice is to turn to dark chocolate instead of eating white and milk chocolate – those are sugar-bars anyway. These simple changes will leave you with your usual delicious treats but will also keep you healthy.

2. A Quick Bite of Something Delicious

For movie-nights and Sunday afternoons when you feel like staying at home and eating Doritos and French fries, opt for a healthy but equally delicious snacks instead. Take a few pounds of apples, slice them, and dry them in your oven to get beautiful and healthy snack you can store for months and nibble on while watching your favourite TV show. You can cover them with cinnamon and brown sugar, dip them into honey or yoghurt, and mix them with other fruits to get a healthy salad.

Swap your usual cheese sandwich for peanut butter-strawberry one and don’t put butter on your popcorn; your body will be grateful.

3. When Vitamins Are Scarce

Even though stores are filled with fruit and vegetables all year long, you should know when each of those ripens in nature, because otherwise you will be buying a strawberry or a tomato that looks amazing but tastes like cardboard because it is filled with chemicals to make them ripen sooner.

For those who are careful about what kind of food they are taking in, but do not want to wait for months to get healthy amounts of vitamin D or calcium into their systems, there are great things such as calcium supplements and multivitamin pills which will allow you to stay healthy and keep your hair, nails, and skin looking flawless.


4. Healthy Drinks

We already mentioned you should try drinking flavoured water instead of carbonated sugary drinks, but there is also something you can do to help your body get rid of toxins and feel fresh. Reduce the amount of coffee you take in every day and turn to green tea instead: not only does it contain caffeine, but it will help clear your skin and lose weight as well.

Furthermore, you can try making your own smoothies: just mix your favourite fruit with Greek yoghurt, add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it, and blend it until you get that smooth, silky texture. You can even experiment a little bit – spicy ginger with creamy banana, or combine fresh blueberries with a little bit of green tea, honey, and soy milk. The possibilities are many and the more you experiment the healthier you will be.

It does not matter whether you are a morning person or not because everyone could use some extra energy to get you started early on. If you decide to implement these few simple changes in your lifestyle, you will catch yourself feeling refreshed and energized the moment you wake up, and your daily tasks will not seem as difficult as they used to.

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