4 Things Destroying Your Health and Performance

destroying health and performance

You might be hitting the gym five times a week, sweating a lot, and constantly having sore muscles but still not seeing any progress with your workout performance. Even worse, you might be putting your health in danger without even knowing it and all of that just because of the few details you’re not getting right when preparing for a workout or right after it. However, changing these things in your everyday routine can make a real difference, so make sure you got these four mistakes corrected.

1. Not getting your diet right

Mistakes regarding the diet are the most common, since there are a lot of myths going around about what are you supposed to eat when you start exercising. For example, we all know hydration is very important, especially when you sweat but it’s a mistake to chug a ton of water before a workout because it can lead to nausea and cramps. Working out on an empty stomach is a big no, but that doesn’t mean you should eat a full meal before the gym. A light snack moderately based on carbs and proteins and low in fiber will be enough while protein shakes should be saved for a post-workout meal.

Remember that an athlete needs all nutrients in order for the body to function properly, so restricting yourself to a low-calorie diet when you’re pushing hard in the gym isn’t a smart thing to do. Knowing what to eat and when will do good for your body meaning that a diet can be your greatest ally in the process of improving your workout performance.
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2. Not setting your goals and limits

When it comes to workouts, just sweating, pushing yourself to the limits, and hoping for the best probably won’t bring you the results you expect.That’s why having a plan with clear goals is the very basis of a good workout. Goals can give your workout a meaning and a purpose, not to mention how fun crossing things off your to-do list is. Whether it is losing weight, preparing for a marathon, or getting the abs you always wanted – having a clear goal is a must.

That being said, doing just the exercise you like is another big mistake. You should address you weakness if you want real progress, so move away from the bench and do some squats, jog, or whatever it is outside of your comfort zone. On the other hand, pushing yourself too hard can only lead to dangerous injuries, so don’t skip a warm-up session, don’t forget to stretch, and keep it healthy to do the best you can.

3. Not dressing up properly for workout

You don’t have to look like you just got off the runway when you go to the gym but choosing functional clothes and proper shoes is a must if you want to avoid injuries and get the best performance possible. The type of clothes you’ll choose depends on the physical activity you engage in the most. If you’re a yoga aficionado, non-slipping gloves and socks are a must-have. If you’re exercising at the gym and use a lot of equipment, loose clothes are not a good option. If you’re a passionate weightlifter, good weightlifting shoes must be in your gym bag to give your ankles and soles proper support.

The same goes for running – proper shoes are everything. Besides, with this athleisure trend going wild in the fashion scene, it turns out that it’s okay to wear gym clothes wherever you go, so getting yourself properly equipped is will have multiple benefits.
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4. Not paying attention to recovery

Not all of your worries are over once you finish the workout session because that’s when your body needs your attention the most. Many neglect the importance of recovery and it’s a huge mistake because that’s when you make muscles, not while you’re sweating off in the gym. Besides, your body needs rest in order for it to be ready for the next workout and to prevent injuries.

Recovery time is precious for your body because that’s when it gets the chance to adapt to the stress associated with exercise, replenish muscle glycogen, and repairs body tissue. More importantly, your body needs rest in order for it to be ready for the next workout and to prevent injuries. Do not skip stretches or foam rolling, get enough sleep, and don’t forget about post-workout nutrition. Simply put, treat your body like a temple and it will be thankful to you.

So, if you’re stuck in your workout routine and stopped seeing progress, you might want to check the things we mentioned above and look for mistakes. Once you got all of these right, your body will start seeing the difference and so will your health and workout performance improve. Good luck!


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