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Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It’s the truth and it’s painful because it’s sucks. We all have a moment of happiness taken away from us from time to time and we seemingly can’t do anything about it because that’s just how it is. We get sad this way. We become so emotionally brought down that we see ourselves lost in the surrounding darkness of our miseries and the light is nowhere to be found. Our problems get the best of us and it seems like there really is no way out of this abyss.

Oftentimes depression can expose our greatest weakness but that doesn’t mean we should just take it. We have to stand up to it. Life, no matter how hard or burdening it is, shouldn’t be the boss of us. It should be the other way around. Being depressed is to be human and there is nothing wrong with feeling miserable. But to let that misery control us and take hold of how we should see and live our lives every day is nothing short of a voluntary act. To be depressed all the time is to allow it to happen all the time. That’s right; the problem, by the end of the day, is us.

We fell in the deepest pits of our depression and the ladder is nowhere to be found. We are afraid. We are alone. We are tired. We are helpless. Or are we?

1. Go Outside


In most cases, depressed people are often those who barely get any outdoor activity. Most people become depressed by just simply thinking about caging themselves up again and again every day for five days a week, nine hours a day, while their friends, family, and life is going on outside. These people are stuck inside this little reality of theirs and being “stuck” in this sort of life, and the way they realize how they would be like this every day for years, will only bring them constant depression.

One quick solution is to simply go outside. Step out for a few minutes of good old sunlight and fresh air. Feel the heat on your face, let your lungs breathe natural, clean air. It will do you wonders.

One of the many benefits of going outside is basically getting the sunrays on your face. Sunlight helps regulate sleeping schedules, gives you vitamin D, strengthens your immune system, and gives you a good surge of endorphin.

Another benefit is the fact that you’re stepping away, literally, from the source of depression. It seems too easy to be true but its real and based on scientific research. Humans aren’t simply meant to sit around all day staring at their computers while seemingly walled up inside some small room.

2. Exercise


As you know, I’ve been blogging nonstop about workouts and one reason I love training with them is because I become instantly happier afterwards. Exercising isn’t simply about looking sexy or staying slim. Sure you can always just buy diet pills for weight loss if you want to lose weight but exercising isn’t really all about that.

Exercising for a good amount of time can aid in not only your ’s condition but also help your brain cope with the stressors that promote depression. Exercising helps release endorphins which, in its simplest definition, are substances in charge of making us feel good. You know about those runners who don’t really stop running even after they’ve ran for miles on end and how they end it with smiles on their faces? That’s the work of endorphins right there. That feeling of satisfaction is also a product of endorphin boosts.

3. Be Sociable


Humans are naturally social creatures. We’ve been found mainly in groups instinctively for survival. This is one of the main reasons why humans have outlived most species that came before us. We basically knew that staying in a group promoted longevity and the margins for error were greatly widened.

Somewhere along the line, we found being a part of a society was no longer a necessity for survival but rather as a necessity for happiness and satisfaction. That’s right; humans have always been made to interact with one another. This instinct, this want to socialize with other human beings has enabled us to create many, wonderful ways to always have someone to communicate with even in the most remote of places.

Communicating with other people is, and will always be, one of the best ways to relieve you of depression. Surrounding yourself with people that you can relate with, that you can share stories with, that you know will never intentionally make you feel bad about yourself is a good psychological medicine. Mingling with people we love and care about will definitely enhance our tolerance to depression and not to mention boost our happy hormones that actually help fight it.

Humanity has survived for thousands of years thru socialization. Being part of a community or a group of people, people whom we selected, is a definite plus if you’re looking to get rid of depression. Everyone has at least one or two people who care about them.

You can simply call or text someone, tell them “Hi!”, and maybe a good conversation will start. You can always do this even with total strangers on the internet. Just be careful on what you say to these strangers, though. Be vigilant on the information you share with them.

4. Get A Good Sleep


Sleep deprivation is a growing problem for people who are too busy to give themselves a well-deserved rest. And I’m sure you often feel like you don’t deserve getting at least a good night’s sleep. But you know what, you do. In fact, we all do. Even the most heinous prisoners get good sleep so why shouldn’t you?

Lacking sleep is one thing but totally always devoting your time to something else when you should be sleeping is another. This is one reason why you’re always depressed. Your mind can’t stop thinking about the troubling things in your life and you even deprive it of sleep. We all have to rest sometimes and more often than not, the best way to stop thinking about something, or anything for that matter, is to sleep.

Sleeping promotes health and recovery. Sleeping lets us have a “reset” on our current day and makes us better people over all when we wake up. Solving problems won’t work as well if your brain is too tired to think. Sleep can actually enhance our brain activity when we wake up which enables us to think better or have a better perspective of things or that certain problem that’s causing us depression.

Get a good schedule of when to sleep and wake up. Early to bed and early to rise can make a person very wise as they say. But that doesn’t mean you have to get sleep the way everyone does. Why, that would be merely conforming and sometimes conformance can lead to stress which ultimately leads to depression. To have a good schedule, plan out your daily life’s worth of activities and see what kind of sleeping pattern you would have that would suit you best.

5. Think Positive


Thinking about your problems and how depressed you are won’t make them go away. Instead, why not think about solutions, ideas, and plans to get rid of these things and ultimately prevent them from occurring again or in the near future at the very least. Make your brain grow positively. Don’t sulk on things you know you really can’t fix right away and rather ponder on things you think you can solve.

This is simply a way to make your brain think about the good stuff. It’s like when you see a cool gadget on some window display. Most people think “I can’t afford that!” but successful people think “How can I afford that?” where the difference is merely perspective and an optimistic viewpoint. Positive ideas create positive reactions which in turn make us, people with problems, positive in our outlook in life.

Thinking positively is a good way to live life in general. Happy people can always find something good even in the most chaotic of situations. Take a look at victims of calamities like floods or earthquakes. Sure their lives changed for the worst but they’re all thankful that they’re still alive and their loved ones are with them. If people were negative all the time, this world wouldn’t be any much worth living in.


Being depressed isn’t something we can avoid. At some point in our lives we all get depressed. Having our happiness removed from our reach for a moment can really have disastrous effects on our way of living and way of thinking.

Nobody said depression should last longer than it should, though. It happens to everyone and everyone can get past it. All we need to think about is how to cope with it or at least distract ourselves from it. A state of depression is just like that: a state. It will be there but it won’t have to be there forever and it is our choice, our fault, if it does.

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