5 Prominent Careers in the Health Industry (#2 is pretty cute!)

5 awesome careers

Unlike many other industries that are not doing so well, the healthcare industry is growing and it is growing fast. There is a huge demand for healthcare professionals of all kinds and a career in health care looks very promising. We give you a lead to the most promising careers in this field.

  1. A Health and Physical Education Teacher

You need to complete a 4 year degree in Health and Physical Education where you will acquire a broad education in the fields of Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Health and Wellness, and many physical activities and all major sports. In addition to knowing all about physical health and exercising, you will have to learn how to teach it to kids and young adults, so it is advisable that you enjoy spending a lot of time in large groups of kids and teenagers. You will probably have to coach a youth team or two. This job can be demanding and difficult sometimes, but it is very rewarding.

childcare teacher

  1. A Childcare Professional

There is a growing need for childcare professionals since parents work longer hours now than ever before. Childcare professionals can be preschool teachers and daycare personnel, or professional nannies and au pairs who are in-home care providers. Special needs childcare professionals are always in demand and it is very easy to find a job in this field. The same goes for nannies, although this is more suitable for younger women, and now there is a new trend of travelling nannies who take care of kids for travelling families, so you might just end up sailing around the world while working. It should be stressed that you have to really like kids and be good with them if you are thinking about this career option.

fitness coach

  1. A Personal Trainer

It is a great time to become a personal trainer since the interest in a healthy lifestyle is on the rise and there are harsh social norms about looking good. This is one of the fields in which employment rates are constantly increasing. What is more, you don’t need to go to college, you can just complete a Personal Trainer Certification Program which usually takes up to 100 hours and is spread over 3 – 4 months. When choosing your certification program, make sure it is accredited, stick with reputable institutions like the established Royal Rehab College. You can work in a gym, a health club, a medical fitness facility and so on. It will be much easier to get a job if you choose to specialize in something, like weight management, fitness nutrition or sports conditioning.

  1. A Nutritionist

Nutrition and dietetics specialists are also becoming increasingly popular and are in high demand because we we’ve never had as many obese people and people with eating disorders as now. These experts are also needed to provide advice for people who need to adjust or change their diets because of their health problems, as well as for people who just want to eat more balanced healthy diets. So, there is a range of possibilities regarding job opportunities, including very well paid positions of sports nutritionists.

It is very likely that you will find a job easily if you opt for a career in health care, and you will earn more than most. Another perk of this industry is that you will have to walk your talk which means you will always be in good shape and healthy.

health coach

  1. Integrative Health Coach

This is a relatively new profession but it is gaining popularity and there is a growing demand for health coaches as the lifestyle of the modern times keeps taking a big toll on our health. You can get your coaching certificate by attending an Integrative Health Coach program at a college or a health coaching center. They can take anywhere from 100 hours to 6 months of classes and most of them you can do online as well. Integrative health coaches help people make positive changes in their lifestyle, including eating habits, weight regulation, physical exercise management and so on.

They have a holistic approach, which means they view a person as a whole, taking their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing into consideration, which is quite different from physicians who only deal with the physical aspect.  These coaches help people set personal health goals and help them achieve these goals in optimal time, providing the patients with knowledge, skills, behaviouralchanges and new value systems that will benefit them the most. They incorporate psychology, mindfulness activities and self-reflection into their practice so the patients are well cared for on all levels. If you are looking for the future of health industry, this is it.

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