5 Reasons People Fail To Get Fit

5 reasons not fit

Struggling to get fit

If you’re reading this then there’s a chance you’re struggling to lose the extra weight. Don’t panic, it’s not just you. This has been happening ever since humans preferred what felt nice on the tongue rather than what felt better for the rest of the . Don’t get me wrong; there are lots of delicious things out there and not all of them are bad for your body. But the fact that healthy food is either found expensive or awful in the palate remains a dominant myth no matter how educated people get.

It’s like smoking. Smokers know it’s bad for them but they don’t stop and not because they want the damn thing but because they can’t stop the habit. It’s the same with our bodies. We’ve gotten so used to eating the bad stuff that it would almost be next to blasphemy if we even consider putting a vegetable in our mouth.

It’s weird but some even suffer from reading too much on what the “best” way to lose weight is all about. Crazy exercise gadget, weird diet fads, it just piles up. But what most people fail to do is to actually act on what they learned. They can brag about what some expert says or what a famous bodybuilder does but if they can’t walk the walk, they’re not any better than those who aren’t doing anything about their .

I compiled 5 of the most common reasons why people fail at their attempts on getting fit.

1. It’s the food they (or what they don’t) eat


Diet. It’s probably the scariest word for beginners in the world. It’s not so hard. In fact the theory is simple: eat clean and avoid the junk. But why is it so challenging to maintain this routine? Don’t be surprised but sometimes people are simply doing it wrong. That’s right, even something so simple can be so hard to do.

You see, when people speak of “diet” they usually associate it with starvation which is literally just wrong. The essence of what a healthy diet is not just about the food you exclude but what you include as well. For instance, you might be used to eating a a few doughnuts per day. What if instead of eating doughnuts, a food that is high in fat and uses lots of sugar, why not eat a banana instead? The benefits of a small piece of banana would outweigh any of your favorite doughnuts every time. You simply have to eat based on function rather than instinct.

Another example would be removing sodas from your diet altogether. You can try to focus on drinking water to quench your thirst instead. If you find the taste of water a bit bland, try green tea or black coffee. It’s simply finding the right alternative to what you’re usually eating. It’s always hard the first time so the best way is to remove the junk slowly from your diet i.e. from four doughnuts a day to  three then two until you don’t have to eat it anymore.

2. Fruits and vegetables don’t exist in the menu


Most people compute the calories to avoid excess weight and it works. I hate the concept but it works but to up to what extent? Sure, you can lose weight but what if you also lose nutrition? You’ll be slimmer and lighter but you may end up weak and sickly at the same time. You really have to stop the habit of just eating little. Why not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to make up for the food you’re not eating?

Not only do they have lesser calories and fat, fruits and vegetables offer you a variety of vitamins, minerals, and even plenty of antioxidants which can even help you lose excess fat!

3. Not enough water


It’s a proven fact: drinking water can help control your weight. In its purest form, water is the healthiest drink. And it’s funny because water contains absolutely nothing. And that one property alone makes it the most preferred choice of drink if you want to lose weight. Sure, there are lots of “health” drinks out there but none come close to what water can and, for our body’s benefit, cannot do.

Water helps control weight by having 0 calories. No calories is better than being sugar-free which utilizes artificial sweeteners. Remember, your aim is to take control of your body’s food intake and while artificial sweeteners help, it could damage your body in the long run. One cool thing about water is that you can drink a lot of it and you’d still drink 0 calories. Just be careful of over drinking as people can die from that.

4. Lack of movement


I love to exercise. In fact, I’ve dedicated a few of my articles to sweating in the morning (or any time of day if you prefer). Sweating, for the most part, is a sign that your metabolism works. Losing weight is around 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can definitely lose weight by diet alone but why stop there? Exercise will definitely rev up your weight loss plan into overdrive. The human body is simply not built to stay still. Think of it this way for burning calories: move a little, burn a little. Move a lot, burn a lot. It’s as simple as that.

Take sitting vs standing as an example. Did you know sitting reduces your metabolism to burning only to 1-2 calories per minute? On the other side, standing burns up to 4-5 per minute. It doesn’t sound much but multiply that on a per hour basis and sitting only burns up to 120 calories while standing burns up to 300 calories. And you haven’t even started moving yet!

5. Analysis Paralysis


You know that feeling when you try to learn a lot and after all of the studying you realize there’s no time for you to write that paper? Yeah, that’s what analysis paralysis is like. You try to be so objective by reading and learning all sorts of fitness concepts only to realize you’ve done nothing about what you found out.

It’s not your fault. With all these information on how to get fit and burn fat all around us, most people fail to get fit due to them being much more preoccupied at thinking of where to start rather than actually starting.

Here’s a good tip: try something. It can be anything in the fitness world. Just take note on the sources and references the workout uses. It has to be backed up by solid research and not just some crazy anecdote from a random group of people. What matters is dedication and discipline. Simply put it as part of your life. It can be as easy as joining a Zumba class to something as complex as following an athlete’s diet and workout routine, emulating their healthy lifestyle. Try it out for about a month. If results are not there, try something else. What matters is that you’re consistently doing something about your health and that is a whole lot better than reading on for days about what’s best for you.


Getting fit isn’t rocket science yet many fail despite their many attempts. What people fail to realize is that it’s simply all about knowing where to begin and proceeding from there. You can try to eat clean, avoid junkfood, increase water intake, or get daily exercise.  Any of those things can work on their own but it’s the way you fit them in your lifestyle that gives you the results you want. It’s only hard the first few days or weeks but once you make this a daily habit it will definitely be as normal and simple as breathing.

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