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From relaxing the body to preventing against insomnia, yoga before bedtime has been shown to offer multiple health benefits to both the young and the old alike. Yoga helps calm the mind and the body thus putting you in the better position to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why it is good to practice yoga before bedtime

Although workouts are not encouraged a few minutes to bedtime, yoga stands as an exceptional exercise as it touches on both mental and physical exercise. Sleeping blissfully isn’t possible when your body and mind are weighed down by stress and this is where yoga can help you. Here are some of the reasons as to why yoga will be ideal before going to bed:


  1. It helps relax the mind

Exercising at night can be too stimulating for some people thus making it hard for them to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. However, yoga offers some cool, relaxing poses that will help calm the mind thus enabling you to enjoy a peaceful night rest. There are multiple poses which you can practice to de-stress as you enjoy a relaxing mode after a busy day.

Relaxed yoga sessions have been found to be beneficial as they help calm the spirit, mind and body thus quieting the constant thought patterns likely to rob you of your precious and much-needed sleep.


  1. It’s a good remedy for insomnia

Insomnia can be a major problem for some people. In many cases, people struggling with bouts of insomnia normally result to drugs or pills to break this cycle. However, you do not need to result to this since you can deal with insomnia using yoga, which is a natural remedy.

You can combine different yoga poses such as the pranayama and asana which helps relax the mind and the body effectively thus allowing you to enjoy deep, uninterrupted and restorative sleep without using drugs.

  1. It helps release tension and stress

Practicing yoga before bedtime can help prepare the body your body for restful sleep. By the end of the day, the body normally has a lot of tension and stress bottled up within and this can affect sleep patterns at night. Practicing yoga before hitting the bed will help clear this tension and stress making sure that you are not only ready for restful sleep but also ready for the journey ahead.

  1. It helps ease pains and body aches

Practicing yoga at night and before going to bed has been shown to be helpful in easing pains and aches in the body. After a tough day at workplace, pains and aches can keep you awake and even make your night unbearable. However, yoga can help ease these pains and calm the body muscles so you can enjoy a restful night.

Some of the yoga poses to help deal with aches and pains include viparita karani, cat-cow and downward poses.

  1. Helps enhance the flow energy and circulatory health

Research has shown that yoga helps to enhance the flow of energy and circulatory health in the body thus helping you feel more content and happier. After a busy and eventful day, you will need to go to sleep feeling more relaxed and at ease and the best way to do this is to practice yoga a few minutes before bedtime. People who sleep feeling happy and content normally enjoy better sleep than those who do it feeling discontented and angry.

It is always important to choose the right environment to practice yoga before bedtime. This will help induce sleep and also create a restful environment. You should wear comfortable clothes, put on low lighting and play quiet music during such a time.

Additionally, picking the right yoga poses will be of great help as different poses can help achieve different things. Some poses are suitable when dealing with aches and pains on the body while others work greatly in reducing anxiety and stress.

Sleep tight!

The bottom line however is that done right, yoga can be of great help when practiced at night especially because it will not only help you sleep but also prepare you for the next day. If you want a restful night and an alert mind the following day, try practicing yoga before bedtime and you will see the difference.

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