5 Secret Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

5 reasons not losing weight

Have you ever wondered why you are not losing weight when you’re trying your hardest to stay on track? You have been trying hard, counting calories, working out as much as possible and you are not able to lose any weight, so what is it that’s stops you from progressing? Sometimes the answer could be staring you right in the face. It could be due to how you find yourself indulging in too much unhealthy food during the day or you could subconsciously not see that some foods you are consuming may not be the best. Here are 5 reasons why you may not be losing weight! 


1. Is Your Diet As Strict As Can Be? 

Diets are something that will cause a debate everywhere you go. You may find those who say ‘drop all the carbs’ or those who say a balanced diet with a healthy lifestyle is the only way.

Even if you have had mixed advice your needs all the nutrients possible, including protein, carbs, fibre and many more in order to enhance your metabolism and eventually allow you to lose weight.

Being as balanced as possible gives your body the ability to repair, grow and then eventually lose the weight you so dearly need to shed. Don’t get carried away in thinking that eating miniature meals will help you lose weight, as it is actually important to monitor the size of your meals.

To lose weight healthily you will have to burn more calories than you eat, so not eating enough can slow down your metabolism. Treating yourself to foods that can be ‘seen’ as a treat are also ideal, because they are both tasty and healthy!

2. Do Buy Your Food On Your Card, Or With Cash? 

It may seem odd that buying foods on your card could be detrimental to your diet, but it most definitely can be. When people do their weekly shopping, those who buy their foods on their cards are known to be significantly unhealthier, compared to those who buy in cash.

Junk foods are something that we could definitely do without, and they are most definitely aware of their decision yet will not see the money leave their account. Ultimately it goes down to things such as impulse buying and they can be the most dangerous.


3. Execute Your Exercise 

As simple as it sounds making sure you exercise is something that needs to happen. Simply thinking about exercise will not help you, you need to exercise thoroughly and give your body a reason to burn those calories.

Avoiding excessive eating and training regularly will eventually begin to shape your body to the standard you would want and need. Losing weight doesn’t always mean that you are stripping excess fats from your body. Sometimes improper weight loss methods will yield to muscle loss.

Your body needs muscle in order to burn fat so weight lifting sessions will ensure you retain muscle and will benefit you much more in the long run.

4. What Is Your Sleeping Pattern Like? 

Sleep is one the most important part of losing weight. Sleeping allows your body time to recover from your daily routines and where your body begins to repair and balance cells etc.Try and ensure that you are getting your recommended amount of sleep as time is of the essence when it comes down to resting your body.

If you get up early than a set alarm, you generally need less hour sleep, but if you find yourself snoozing at every opportunity you need more than your usual sleeping hours.

Sleep ensures your cortisol levels are reduced whilst also producing growth hormones (GH), which is beneficial as it pushes your body to lose fat, builds your immune system and ensures your organs are working as they should.


5. Stress, Stress, Stress 

Stress can be detrimental to absolutely everything that revolves around your diet and even your social life. On average a lot more people have high cortisol levels than before, and the higher your cortisol levels are the more your muscles become degraded, allowing your body to store fat which can result in various issues.

We understand that lowering your stress levels can be easier said than done, however there should be a serious effort taken in order to lower your stress. It is something that can ultimately ruin your diet and eventually make you put on more weight.

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