5 Surprising Ways Water Influences Exercise And Weight Loss (#4 is unbelievable!)

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The Influence of Hydration

Water is often marked as the source of life, which is pretty true, because there’s no living creature that can survive without water, nor a life can be created without it. You’ll face the dehydration whenever you don’t drink enough water, but did you know that at the moment when you feel the thirst your is already dehydrated?

Well, we are actually “watery creatures” since our bodies are composed of around 60% of water, and the most of our body processes can’t function without water. Proper hydration is definitely a crucial factor for a healthy life, but several studies showed that more water also supports weight loss and leads to better results during a workout. Let’s see how exactly proper hydration influences exercising and weight loss:

1. More water means fewer calories


You would be surprised to know that sometimes when you feel the hunger you may actually be thirsty, not hungry. The body often turns on both, hunger and thirst, alarms at the same time, and gives you a chance to suppress hunger attacks by drinking more water. Besides this, water also creates a feeling of fullness, so when you drink a lot of water, you’re preventing yourself from eating more.

Also, you’re less likely to drink sugary beverages. So, the calculation is pretty straight forward – more water leads to less calories consumed, and less calories means lower body weight.

2. Proper hydration improves athletic performance


Water is among the major components of our muscles and a necessary element for all energy processes in them, which is why it greatly influences endurance and performance during your exercises. Whenever your body lacks water, the chances are great that you’ll be lethargic and weak, so you won’t be able to exercise with your full capacity.

Drinking enough water ensures balance of electrolytes and undisturbed energy transformation, leading to improved athletic performance.

3. The colder the water is – the more calories you’ll burn

ice water

 Yes, this may sound a bit unbelievable, but drinking cold water can actually increase the amount of calories your body burns. Let’s see how: when you drink cold water, your body must work harder than usual to warm up the water to the temperature of your body. During this process, your body also burns extra calories.  So, next time you drink water, make sure it’s cold!

4. Constant hydration boosts muscles


Since your muscles are consisted of about 75% of water, which supports forming protein and glycogen in muscle tissue, you need constant and increased hydration to build muscles during your exercises.

Also, drinking more water improves the strength of muscle contractions, prevents cramping, and fastens the response of the muscles.

5. Water ensures healthy joints


Your ability to perform intense workouts, especially if they include strength exercises and weight lifting, pretty much depends from the of your joints since all the pressure goes on them. The cartilage which protects the joints contains a significant amount of water, meaning that the lack of water can diminish the protection they offer and increase the opportunity for exercising related injuries.

How much water you need for a proper hydration?


While 8-12 glasses of water per day present a minimum water amount which can keep you hydrated, this applies only if your physical activity is at a lower level. Higher physical activity requires far more water to drink and professionals say it’s necessary to drink water before, during, and after workouts. If you’re performing an intensive workout every day, professional fitness trainers from Dubai recommend drinking 1.5-3 gallons of water per day depending from the time spent exercising and intensity of the workout.

Also, you must drink water in short intervals while exercising, even if you don’t feel thirst and around half a litre of water after 8 hours long sleep.

Food can hydrate too


Apart from basing your water intake on clear water only, you can increase it by consuming liquid-rich and low-calorie foods. Cucumbers are extremely dense in water, and super versatile.  You can mix them with tomatoes to make a hydrating salad, blend into a refreshing cold soup, make a smoothie, or add cucumber slices to the water you’ll bring to the gym. Turn your afternoon snack into hydrating treat by mixing protein, calcium, and liquid-rich yogurt with fresh fruits, or simply reach for a slice of watermelon (which will instantly fill your body with water). Instead of having a cup of coffee, make yourself an iced caffeine-free beverage out of Rooibos Tea. You can also drink this whenever you want to replace water.

As you can see, water not only presents to be the core ingredient which keeps us alive, but it’s also unavoidable. Water is the best companion you can have while losing weight and shaping your body by exercising.

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