5 Ways To Stay Fit While You’re On Vacation

5 ways vacation

It is never easy to get in the form of your dreams and maintain it, but most would argue that the sacrifice is absolutely worth it. Staying fit is more than picking a diet and exercising every now and then, it is about making a revolution in your lifestyle.

What you need to do is replace your habits and daily routines with new healthier ones and try to stick by them for as long as possible. Still, some unexpected events like going on vacation might shove you off the treadmill. Do not let this discourage you because staying fit on vacation is something just about anyone can handle – after all, between all that tanning, you are probably very active on the beach, no?

1. Make a vacation schedule

The fact that you are on vacation means that you have to leave your comfort zone, set sail into the unknown and stay there for the next period of time. Because of this the schedule you have been keeping up until now is suddenly not an option. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just fall into idleness. Simply make a vacation schedule and ensure that it includes getting up early and having at least one cardio.

Luckily for you there are many healthy and fun cardio exercises that you can do on vacation like jogging on the beach or swimming. Statistics for the two are very detailed, and a little surprising, so do check them out and see which you should focus on once you unpack your bags.

2. Get Your Exercise


The good news with vacationing is that most people are significantly more active when vacationing, and the bad news is that the amount of time and energy you put in these activities is usually not enough to count. Take, for example, rock climbing – it is a very popular activity for adventure travelers. Holding onto the cliff’s edge will wear your down fast, and you will put a lot of muscle into the climb, which is all great and good. However, most climbs are pretty short, unless you take the expert ones, which can take 4 hours to complete, easily. And only then does the exercise count as much as a trip to the gym. Swimming holds the same case.

If you’re on a beach, you’ll swim a lot – but in short intervals. As soon as the swim starts making an impact on your muscles, you’re already drying off on the shore, much like a 5 minute jog. This, of course, does not mean that you should test your physical boundaries, but keep in mind that a very active game of beach volleyball, for instance, is much more like decent exercise than a morning swim.

3. Manage your diet

Visiting other places also means coming in contact with other cuisines. Furthermore vacation time is relaxation time, and these little outings into gastronomy can endanger weeks, months or years of working on your figure. Still, if you have already trained your metabolism and established your eating habits, even a beach getaway can be of little significance to your will of steel.

A diet helped by whey supplements especially comes in handy. Of course, this means you would take some of your beloved protein half an hour before you get into any physical activity, and help yourself out as you trim the margaritas out of your system. Most water-based sports are a great way to exercise, after all! 

4. Cook your meals


Taking trips to local markets, buying local ingredients and home cooking your meals out of them might be a step in the right direction if you are determined about staying fit while on vacation. This way you can ensure that everything you eat is completely organic and that you can prepare the meals that you eat according to your own personal preferences and needs.

If you are going out somewhere, for an extended period of time, make sure to bring your own snack. This will not only help you effectively fight off hunger and stay energized but help your wallet as well.

5. Avoid drinks

Average cocktails contain so much sugar that they can on their own nullify all your hard work so far. A truly disturbing notion. Still, some people wouldn’t even consider going on a vacation that includes no alcohol whatsoever. If this is also true in your case, try making your own drinks, and use some of the low caloric alternatives like Mint Julep or Cape Codder.

In the end, everything comes down to your determination and resolve. Desire to stay fit and in shape should never prevent you from traveling and enjoying yourself. Luckily, with just a bit of patience, careful planning and proper organization both can easily be achieved. Staying in shape while being on the vacation of your dreams is definitely not the worst way to relax over the summer – in fact, one could argue that this adds flavor and diversity to your regular routine!

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