6 Great Tips to Improve Your Muscle-Growth Training

Gaining muscle when you have a 100 mph metabolism is a battle. Your friends may even be envious that you’re the guy who can eat whatever he wants in double portions and not put on a single pound, but, to you, it’s a proverbial pain in the “you-know-where.” If you’re that guy, you’re probably getting pretty frustrated, but refuse to believe nothing works.

For starters, you haven’t read this, and you probably haven’t put all the following into practice on a regular basis. So let’s put aside the assumption that you’re always going to have the physique you have now. It’s just not true. With hard work when training, eating big but correctly, and following all the advice given below, you’ll soon start noticing the difference, and, before long, so will the other guys down your gym, your friends, and, let’s not forget, your dear ol’ Mom.

Here are 6 great (and proven) tips to improve your muscle growth training that will simply astonish those around you – very soon, you’ll be gaining the amount of weight that you want, in a healthy and positive way. So let’s get started:

1. Eating & Your Metabolism

We began this article by mentioning your Usain Bolt-type metabolism (defined as “the rate at which the chemical and physical processes by which a living thing uses food for energy and growth”). A fast metabolism is the primary reason weight gain can be difficult to accomplish. You need to remember that your body is at the mercy of your genetic make-up, and it’s programmed to do things a certain way. And the only way you will conquer this is to focus on your eating habits.

Don’t look upon meals as an afterthought. Your eating regime, your calorie intake, has to be just that – a regime that you follow religiously. The advice is this: 5 or 6 calories-loaded meals a day, about 2 or 3 hours apart. This will provide your body with a constant supply of stuff to metabolize. The result? Your body naturally builds the muscle you want.

2. Calorie Intake

refuel after exercise

If you’re eating more and still not gaining weight, quite simply, you are not eating enough. This is where you need to suck it up some. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable, but your body needs a little help on this one. You may have to bypass those being full feelings it’s giving you. In fact, chances are, certainly at the beginning of your new eating regime, you’re going to have to.

Concentrate on your whole foods (food that has been “processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances), such as:

  • Beans
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meat, and
  • Non-homogenized dairy products

Pack your regular calorie-intensive meals full of these.

3. Training Time vs. Intensity

Thinking you need to spend most of the day in the gym working out to achieve your goal is a mistake. Whatever training program you are using needs to focus on intensity, and not the drawn out the length of time in which you do it. High-intensity training is key to your goal. Your training session should not take more than an hour. Additionally, keep your rest breaks under a minute to maintain that intensity.

 4. Progressive Training

So, more intensive training, kept under an hour, with minimum rest breaks. But it doesn’t stop there. The real important lesson you need to learn is this: your training has to be progressive. It’s probably the most common failing of many guys you meet down the gym. They’re not moving forward with their programs. They’ve stagnated at a point they’re comfortable with.

This isn’t about being comfortable – it’s about progressing. So, focus on this: an increase in your rep numbers or an increase in the weight you’re working with. As with your new eating regime, it isn’t easy, but, to achieve what you want, it has to be done.

5. Rep Range & Plateaus

If you’re making serious gains in weight and your programs are always progressing, you need to be proactive about your training. Plateaus will occur naturally and, by changing your rep range when they begin to appear, you’ll avoid them. Altering your rep range will stress your body more, forcing it to adapt by building new muscle.

6. Supplements

As with any advertised product, with massive marketing budgets, you’re going to get drawn in. Look at supplements – a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry. However, they are exactly what they say they are – a supplement. In other words, an addition to what your body is already taking on. Like a vitamin pill. They are not the decisive factor in your success. All you may need is the odd protein powder shake and Gatorade after training, no more. Once again, concentrate on your whole foods.

If you want something you’ve never had,

You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

– Thomas Jefferson

So there you have 6 great tips to gain that weight and muscle when your metabolism is moving quicker than one of those super-fast Japanese bullet trains. And, they’re quick. By concentrating on these 6 tips of eating/metabolism, calorie intake, training time vs. intensity, progressive training, rep range and plateaus, and supplements, before you know it, you’ll be seeing the results you want, and all the effort will be worth it.

If you have any tips you’d like to share with other readers, please feel free to drop a comment below.

Is there something missing, something you swear by in your muscle- growth training and eating regime that needs to be included? Let us know.

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