6 Stupid Mistakes To Avoid Inside The Gym (I thought #1 was okay)

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It may be your first day in the gym, or you may be a gym rat who spends too much time in the gym. But before you hop on the machines you must have an insight of gym etiquettes. The moment you enter the gym, make sure your behaviour doesn’t bother others and your own workout routine as well. You should be aware of the silly, gross mistakes which can terminate your enrolment to the gym. This article will brush up your gym etiquettes and will make you a sensible and an ideal palestrato.

Here, I have listed the top 6 mistakes which can hold you back and tips how to avoid them.

1. Hitting the gym every day

If you are highly passionate about gaining muscle and losing kilos of body weight, it doesn’t mean that you have to be in the gym all-round the week. Working out on the machines is a reliable way to shape up your body, but relying solely on the equipment day in and day out will drain your energy completely.

If you are consistent with your workout routine, it will definitely lead to a fit body, but don’t forget overexertion can hamper your ability to recover muscles and mental peace as well. You don’t have to hit machines everyday to stay in shape, you can substitute your workout with a walk, sauna or Jacuzzi session. Remember, 5 to 6 days are sufficient.

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2. Skipping warm ups

Regardless of how good your gym equipment is; you can’t put aside the importance of warm ups. It is often seen that the moment beginners enter the gym, they just start working out without warming up. And, the rest of them consider warm-ups as a beginner’s job, they look upon themselves as proficient.

Don’t forget – it is necessary for everyone to make their muscles get ready for heavy lifts and continuous workout to eliminate the risk of injury. The best way to warm up is by working the muscles you plan on using with plain body weight or with lighter weights. Walking is pretty neat before a workout to improve blood circulation and allows the body to bear weights with reduced risk of soreness or cramps.

3. Working out without a goal or coach

Stepping inside the gym without any purpose is no less than a crime. Without any direction, struggling with the equipment is pointless. Before you go to the gym, plan short-term and long-term-goals. They will motivate you to work harder and in this way you can keep a check on your progress.

Whether you are a beginner or a proficient, you need a coach not just to teach you, but also to push you to the next level. Once the trainer gives you the go signal only then are you supposed to go solo.

4. Forgetting to clean after yourself

You don’t own the equipment in the gym so you don’t really care much about whether you leave them sweaty or not. Yeah, but the gym does.

Before using machines, or lifting weights properly sanitize them as use of infected machines can affect your health. Do ensure that they have been cleaned by the staff or clean them yourself with antibacterial wipes. And, it is really unethical to leave machines without wiping off your sweat from them.

Use gym soaps after a long and sweaty workout. Such soaps maintain hygiene and unlike regular soaps are competent to fight against infections and virus.

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5. Socialising too much in the gym

I hope you all know that the gym is a work place just like offices. So before you get into an endless conversation with your friend, someone is getting affected by your mindless chit-chat.

The gym is definitely not the right place to promote your social skills. Before indulging yourself in a deep conversation, set your priorities and work according to them. Talking over phone can also cause disturbance to others and to yourself by cutting your work hours.

6. Going too fast with heavy weights

Hold on! Are you moving too fast? If you are also among those who workout too hard because they want all the muscles in the world in just one training day, then wait and give it a thought. Getting your body into shape cannot be done in a day or a week. Hell, not even a whole month if you do it right.  There is no need to force yourself, it will only leave you distressed and can even cause injury. Before you use the equipment, make a sensible plan targeting each muscle.

The best way to do this is to either create “muscle days” and rest periods in between or by going full-body each time you hit the gym. And oh, resting between sets is as important as the workout. Your resting time is your muscles recovery time.

It is a smart move to avoid above mentioned points for a productive workout and to maintain a peaceful environment in the gym. There are other things that you must avoid in the gym: using mirrors for fixing anything on your face or hair (come on, it’s the gym. You’re allowed to look worn out), not putting weights back from where they were picked, working on sick days, and doing expert-level routines despite being a beginner.


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