6 Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy is known to be one of the useful alternative ways to cure disease and bring back the balance between your and mind. Studies reported that almost all kinds of massage therapies have benefits. Due to this, the number of patients who want to try massage therapy is continuously bloating.

There are different kinds of massage techniques used for different reasons. The most famous and commonly used massage technique is the Swedish massage. Below is a list of the 6 surprising health benefits of massage therapy by using some of these various massage techniques.

  1. Swedish massage therapy is good for your heart and blood circulation

Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage that can entirely relax one’s body. This massage is primarily done by rubbing muscles using gliding strokes. The direction of the gliding strokes is the same with the blood’s direction when it returns to your heart. Thus, heart diseases and complications related to blood circulation will be prevented. Swedish massage is very much capable to produce high level of oxygen, improve blood circulation and lower down tension.

  1. Deep tissue massage alleviates chronic pain

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is the kind of massage that focuses on the body’s deep layers of muscle. Through the use of deep finger tissue massage and firm strokes, deep massage will be very much capable to treat several physical ailments. Studies conducted in the medical center of the University of Maryland proved that deep tissue massage is the most affordable and effective type of massage for relieving the chronic pain that many people experience. Inflammation, which is the primary cause of chronic pain, will be reduced through the massage. Stress and tension can also be relieved with a deep tissue massage.

  1. Ayurvedic massage is the number one massage that is good for your mind and body

The ayurvedic massage is part of the Indian natural health philosophy. This massage is a mix of massage theory, yoga, meditation and herbs. Abhyanga is another term for this massage. Ayurvedic massage includes a full-body massage that is done through the use of aromatic oils. Muscle pains, stress and tension can all be relived through this massage. Also, it is believed that this massage can promote spiritual healing.

  1. Hot stone massage is the best in getting rid of back pain


Most day spas offer hot stone massage. The massage is done by placing smooth and heated stones in the back. The hot stones create soothing heat to the muscles and tissues in the back. Patients who tried this massage reported how effective the massage is in promoting relaxation and releasing tension in their bodies. Additionally, injuries and swelling brought by rigorous exercise can also be treated by the hot stone massage.

  1. Tantric massage is the massage that can solve almost all types of intimate problems

Tantric massage is very popular among couples since it has the capacity to solve intimate problems. Many describe this massage as a massage that has the capacity to combine traditional massage with sensual energy. The stimulation for both yin and yang energies can be promoted by this type of massage. Couples usually use this massage technique to massage each other to get a stronger and deeper bond of intimacy. This type of massage is very popular in the Asian countries.

6. All types of massage are effective in dealing with postural stress


Postural stress is acquired by people who are sitting for too long on their desks. Most people in the modern world work the classic 9 to 5 desk jobs which puts a lot of stress on our bodies, especially the lower back area. The pain in the low back that desk workers get because of periods of sitting can be removed by all types of massage and some exercises. It is also important to take breaks during long sitting times by standing up each half an hour and stretching out, walking around or just going to drink a cup of water.

Indeed, there are many factors that solidify the effectiveness of massage therapy. It is not just very beneficial for your body, but for your mind as well. So consider treating yourself with a relaxing massage from time to time and gain the 6 surprising health benefits of massage therapy we outlined above. Make sure to visit only professional therapist, especially for the more complicated massage techniques to be sure your will only get the benefits and not otherwise.

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