7 Outdoor Sports Best For Weight Loss

In the winter, the good old gym comes to our rescue every time we need to shed a few pounds. As summer is close, outdoor activities seem more appealing. Going outside makes exercise easier, increases brain function, raises vitamin D levels, reduces stress, improves mood and self-esteem. That all is beneficial for your weight loss. And these are the best sports to help you achieve it:

Hiking – 430 calories per hour


Hiking is one of the most effective weight loss activities since it is both cardio and muscle building. It keeps the cardio respiratory system healthy. Let’s not forget hiking is a total body workout as you engage all muscle groups, especially outer thighs, the back and deep core muscles you may miss at the gym. If you are hiking in bad weather, add an additional 5% to your calorie burn. The most surprising fact is that you can lose weight only by spending time at higher altitudes.

Biking – 327 calories per hour (leisure biking > 16 kph)


Burning 327 calories per hour is not bad but if you would like to really lose extra pounds, consider mountain biking as you can lose as much as 650 calories per hour. Cycling increases heart rate helping you burn fat. In addition, it recruits all major muscles in the body: calves, the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Leisure biking is a low-impact exercise ideal for people who are not able, due to medical reasons, to do high impact sports.

Swimming – 440 calories per hour (leisure swimming)


Not only is swimming excellent cardio workout, but it can improve your muscle tone. as well. The four types of strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly) exercise different muscle groups depending on your needs. Constant battling against water allow you to build muscle, which in turn burns fat. If you are into swimming, water aerobics is another full body workout.

Surfing – 257 calories per hour


One of the most challenging water sports is definitely surfing. Core muscles keep you stable, triceps and chest muscles help you quickly stand up, the upper back and neck muscles keep your chest off the board, the low back has the function of supporting the body as you paddle, while leg muscles help you during turns. To build better endurance and strength, do both static and active stretching before actually surfing. Also it is a great idea to use SUPs for your cardio workout.

Beach volleyball – 476 calories per hour


A beach volleyball player loses far more calories than a recreation volleyball player because sand is less stable than a gym floor, grass, or concrete. To put thing into perspective, a vigorous 12-minute volleyball activity is the same as jogging for 1.6 km.

Beach volleyball is a full-body workout. You use your chest, arms and shoulders for spiking the ball, bumping and serving. Core muscles are activated when you need to maintain balance, while you work your leg muscles when you ran and squat down.

Tennis – 428 calories per hour


If you play tennis, you will burn more calories than doing aerobics and rounders. When you constantly move your feet while playing tennis, you build lower-body strength and muscle, while using racquet targets upper-body muscles. Tennis can help you improve not only aerobic, but anaerobic fitness, too. Anaerobic fitness means doing a physical activity without relying on lung and heart power but more on muscle strength. Anaerobic exercises are short high intensity exercises.

Rollerblading – 476 calories per hour


If you can include wrist weights, arm movements and rollerblading on not so flat surfaces, you can even increase your calorie expenditure. Rollerblading improves cardiovascular endurance and targets the following muscles: the lower back, hamstrings and calves.

Healthy weight loss means losing 0.45 kg of fat a week. 0.45 kg of fat contains 3500 calories. In order to lose 3500 calories a week, you need to burn 500 more calories than you eat each day. Depending on the calorie expenditure of the specific sport, now you can come up with your workout plan.

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