7 Sure Signs You Have Hormone Imbalance


hormone imbalance

Having a Bad Day?

Have you felt like there’s something wrong with your yet you can’t pinpoint the real reason? You’ve been eating uncontrollably, missing sleep, feeling tired, even when all appears to be fine. Your problem might be coming from within – your hormones. Hormones are minute chemical messengers that significantly affect nearly all functions of the body. And what you’re feeling right now might be due to hormone imbalance.

Hormone imbalance is the underproduction or overproduction of one or more of your hormones that lead to different unpleasant symptoms. It normally happens with aging but it can also be brought about by other contributing factors such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Smoking
  • Menopause for women
  • Andropause for men
  • Toxins and chemicals
  • Poor diet and nutrition
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Other issues

So, what could be the sure signs your hormones are out of order? Here are 7 hormone imbalance symptoms you should be aware of:

1. Puzzling Weight Gain


When you gain extra pounds for no clear reason, especially when you’ve tried numerous kinds of diets, hormone imbalance could be the culprit. When you’re soaked up in stress, your cortisol levels increase, prodding you to unhealthy food cravings. When you lack sleep, your hunger hormone ghrelin increases while your weight loss sidekick leptin decrease. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, does the same hormone-disrupting and weight gaining scheme.

2. Extra Abdominal Fat


When you’ve been doing a lot of crunches, abdominal exercises, and improved your diet yet your abdominal fat keeps on staying, it can also be attributed to hormone imbalance. High levels of cortisol due to stress slow down your metabolism, store extra fat for future use and decrease your muscle mass. Extra fat is typically stored in your midsection that leads to annoying and unappealing belly fat.

3. Depression and Mood Swings


You’ve been sick of riding your very own rollercoaster of emotions – feeling sad for no reason, succumbing to depression, losing interest, and experiencing inner confusion. It may be more than just a mood problem. These emotions are part of the symptoms of hormone imbalance. As other hormone levels fall such as estrogen, serotonin, the mood-regulating hormone falls too, and mood instability happens.

4. Decreased Sex Drive or Libido

no sex

As men and women age, it’s normal to experience different changes in their hormone levels – especially testosterone for men and estrogen and progesterone for women. However, other factors besides aging can also lead to low T levels and estrogen dominance. Libido or appetite and drive for sex is about 70 percent reliant on hormones; that is why it’s best to have your hormones checked to bring your sexual desire back.

5. Burnt Out Feeling and Fatigue


Are you feeling consistently tired and burnt out even with little work and activity? Feeling all wired and tired is caused by the stress hormone cortisol. Serious stress leads to extra high cortisol levels that result to feeling heavy, tired, and even depressed. In women, low levels of progesterone or estrogen dominance can bring anxiety and depression that is followed by severe fatigue.

6. Unhealthy and Flaky Skin

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Different skin problems may be significant in patients with a hormone imbalance problem in their thyroid. Hypothyroidism or inadequate thyroid hormone leads to dry skin, brittle and thinning hair, and dry, brittle, ridged or split nails. Likewise, hyperthyroidism or excessive thyroid hormone leads to intolerance to hot conditions, increased shedding of hair, increased perspiration that leads to sweat rashes, and rapid growth of nails that may lead to onycholysis.

7. Sleeping difficulties and disorders

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Have you always felt like a restful sleep is so close yet so far away? Hormone imbalance may be the underlying reason. Low progesterone and estrogen levels in women cause insomnia while low testosterone levels in men cause sleep apnea or shallow breaths that disrupt sleep. Restoration and correction of hormone levels may be the key to your normal sleep pattern.

When things feel like they’re going out of order, you must revisit and have your hormone levels checked by hormone specialists. Your internal body condition would significantly affect your other external body functions. If you’ve checked five of these symptoms off the above list, it’s time to do something to make your body feel like home again!

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