Infographic: 8 Types Of Dementia You Rarely Hear About

8 types of dementia

Dementia is a common term used to define decline in mental ability, harsh enough to hinder your daily life. It describes a set of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities in general. However, you may not know that dementia also characterizes a number of conditions that affect and damage the brain’s cells, and lead to gradual deterioration of memory, decision making, mood, personality, self expression, and routine activities. For example, Alzheimer’s is one of the most general causes of Dementia but researchers have originated that there are over a hundred types of dementia in existence in which one of the rarest form is called Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease.

An implausible 47.5 million people are currently living with dementia all over the world. These numbers are expected to get tripled by 2050. While 60-80% of dementia cases are of Alzheimer’s disease, there are a multitude of other forms of dementia that are not as familiar.

The below info-graphic from Be Independent Home Care aims to provide increase awareness on the 8 types of dementia that are rare to hear about. We examine the symptoms, causes, frequency and those most prone, in the hope of educating sufferers, carers, families and friends.

8 types of dementia

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