9 Best College Sports For Weight Loss (Gotta Love #9!)

If you ever wanted to lose weight, you’ve must have heard the phrases like “you should go to some sports” or “it’s not about diet, it’s about exercising”. That makes sense, except that your healthy diet efforts count, too. Every college offers wide (or some) variety of sports and sections you could participate. And if the main goal for you is not the sport-team-playing-fun theme itself, but weight loss and fit body, consider these activities first and foremost:

1. Running


Yes, it is simple, everyone can do it… So why not? Running can burn up to 1000 kCal per hour if you run really, really fast (10.9 mph), but in general it will be around 500 Mind your knees – with an incorrect running technique you might end up with a trauma after the first training. Ask your coach to examine your running and help you with the technique. And don’t forget to reward yourself with a pair of good running shoes when it gets serious.

2. Football

Running, jumping, defending the goal area – it’s quite easy to understand how those 530 kCal per hour are burned!

3. Boxing


It is at least a cool cardio exercise, doing which you can burn 500 (sparring) and up to 800 kCal (boxing on the ring). Boxing and kickboxing will improve your power, balance, speed and agility as well as give your heart and lungs a great workout. Another benefit is that kicking and boxing a punch bag will reduce your stress levels, and less stress – less carving for junk food or food in general. Profit!

4. Hockey (ice and field)

Ice skating (or rollerblading) itself is a great workout activity, and enriched with active movements, fast pace and competitive atmosphere, 1 hour of hockey can result in minus 500 kCal or even more.

5. Lacrosse


This fast-paced team sport requires from players to be good at multiple activities: running, passing, shooting and being constantly aware of the opponents’ actions. The reward is high – you can burn 500 kCal for 1 hour of game. This sport engages your upper and lower body muscles and also has some cardiovascular benefits.

6. Water polo

Imagine: you have to keep yourself on the water surface continuously, in spite of pushing and pulling from your competitors, throw the ball and race from one side of pool to another. Sounds quite intense. And it is so: you can burn at least 590 kCal per hour of playing. Among additional benefits for your health are: increased endurance, improved cardiovascular system, increased flexibility of joints.

7. Racquetball and squash

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, your hips, back and forearms will have a proper workout during the sparring. Running and jumping on the field, which is an excellent cardio training, will burn you up to 700 Remember: single party is way better in terms of weight loss, than double, as you are covering larger part of the ground.

8. Volleyball


Everyone loves beach volleyball, so why not try to join the college volleyball team? This sport will help you burn calories, and a lot: at least 470 kCal per hour of playing. Volleyball requires constant jumping, fast moves, and hitting the ball that help players to burn so many calories.

9. Canoeing, rowing

These activities can easily help you to lose weight. It is a high burst of energy and training for both the upper body and the legs of an athlete as rowing requires pushing. Canoeing and rowing are also a great way to gain the endurance you’re striving to. And the calorie loss is quite intense: a minimum of 590 kCal per hour.

The calculations of calories burn are based on research data from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. Keep in mind that the amount of calories you can lose depends on your current body weight, the intensity of your participation in the sport and the continuance. The calculations above are given for a person with 130 lb body weight, which is pretty small weight, thus the amount of calories you burn might be even larger!

And remember: the best exercise is the activity you actually enjoy! This is the best way to develop a habit and stick to it for long happy and healthy years (or in college, at least).

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