A Happier 2020: 7 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Body and Mind

We’ve all developed grand visions of ourselves at some point in our lives. Some of you may want to be successful businessmen traveling all over the world regularly, while some of you simply want to earn enough to raise a big, happy family. Whatever your goals may be, a healthy body and mind is the key to achieving them.

The Road to a Healthy Body and Mind

Thankfully, it is way easier to maintain a healthy body and mind nowadays compared to a few decades ago, thanks to the Internet. There are hundreds of thousands of resources (maybe even more!) on how to achieve such a state. That’s why if you aspire to be in peak physical and mental shape, the best time to start is today.

Here are seven tips for you to consider:

1.   Go to a gym

The first piece of advice you would usually get is to hit the gym regularly. If you are reading this on a computer right now, chances are you’ve spent hours and hours sitting down and staring at a computer screen. This kind of lifestyle is actually very unhealthy. Humans are built to stand upright to allow their hearts and the rest of their cardiovascular system to work more effectively.

Aside from the cardiovascular benefits, regular exercise can help you control your weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, reduce some risk of cancer, and even improve your chances of living longer.

Staying active can also be a great thing for your mental health. Your body releases endorphins, chemicals that can improve your mood, when you excercise. This means you are less prone to stress and depression.

1.   Maintain a proper diet

Going to the gym is a good start for those who want a healthier lifestyle, but it is important not to overlook eating healthy. A good diet can have a huge effect on your overall health, like preventing diseases and ailments while also aiding in your bodily functions. Working out places a lot of stress on the body, and food is what your body needs to recover from this.

Good food also has a positive effect on your overall mood and energy. Scientists have studied the food-mood connection in-depth, and have established an association between certain nutrients in food and emotional well-being. To keep your mental health in a good state, wholesome and nutritious food will help.

2.   Try out sports

Sports are a great way to get into a healthy lifestyle because it helps improve your physical and mental state. Most sports require a great deal of physical exertion which, as mentioned above, can have a desirable effect on your body and mind.

A lot of people also join and flourish in sports because of the positive effect it can have on their social lives. Many people find their ‘tribe’ in sports, especially team sports, because of how likeminded they can all be. Social relationships can have a positive impact on your mental health, especially if you surround yourself with supportive people. Sports is another avenue through which you can build these networks.

If you’re interested in getting into the world of sports, you may use the latest fitness tech to help track your progress as you go.

3.   Go easy on yourself (sometimes)

Attaining and maintaining a healthy body and mind will be difficult, there’s no hiding that. It takes incredible discipline and willpower to get the ball rolling (and keeping it going). However, this doesn’t mean you have to require yourself to be on top of your game all the time. Being disciplined is one thing. It’s another thing to beat yourself up for failing. It’s important to allow yourself not to be your best every now and then. Realize that it’s natural to be in such a state, but never stay like that for too long.

4.   Practice mindful meditation

When the word ‘meditation’ is mentioned, most would paint an image in their minds featuring clearwater ponds and Tibetan monks. But mindfulness is more than just another gimmick. It is an act that has been scientifically proven to minimize stress and allow people to ‘be present in the moment’.

Mindfulness is basically a technique that helps shift your mind away from your usual preoccupations, toward an appreciation of the present. Being mindful helps you get better sleep, lose weight, manage fleeting negative feelings, improve attention, reduce anxiety, and much more.

1.   Work on your sleep cycle

Lack of sleep has always been viewed as a badge of honor that successful people wear on their sleeves whenever they talk about their triumphant journey. We as a society have always viewed the notion that the less you sleep, the sooner you are to achieving your dreams. While this may be true to some extent, there are many disadvantages caused by lack of sleep.

The main disadvantage you will be subjected to is the reduced quality of your wakefulness. You won’t be able to focus or use your brain to its fullest capacity. You will be drowsy and lethargic. Basically, the moments you spend awake are much less likely to be productive compared to when you get seven to nine hours of good sleep.

2.   Maintain a healthy work-life balance

A lot of dreamers out there have this idea that to be successful, you have to continually keep on grinding. Many people glorify the sleepless nights and think that, if something won’t push you closer towards your goal, it’s not worth doing. This kind of approach to living can become unhealthy rather quickly. After all, too much of anything is a bad thing.

Maintaining a positive work-life balance is key to reducing stress and preventing burnout. Yes, working hard is great, but make sure you also make enough time for things that you enjoy doing. Try out the things you’ve always said you would do, like buying a camera or getting into scuba diving.

Become Healthy Inside and Out

You may have read about ‘nirvana’ or ‘self-actualization’, but you don’t necessarily have to reach that state in order to feel good inside and out. Even just proper and consistent self-care can help turn you into the best version of yourself. Ignoring self-care can make you vulnerable to problems that will affect your lifestyle as a whole.

A new decade has arrived, and we are all extra eager to make it better than the last. Follow the tips above and you will surely find your body and mind in a much better state.


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