A Year in Review: The Crossfit Craze

Crossfit craze

Crossfit craze

Discipline is a characteristic that anybody looking to get into must adopt in order to see any results, or prevail in their attempts. By achieving our workout goals, we train our brain to stay disciplined and focused. As an amalgam of several sports and workout styles, crossfit is an efficient and powerful path towards getting lean and mean. But does it receive the right kind of attention in broader circles?

Crossfit: From Californian to Global Phenomenon

Jim Shelby, a U.S. civilian contractor, completes one of his 30 “clean and jerks”, the one movement which comprises “Amazing Grace,” an intense CrossFit workout which Soldiers from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Task Force Bronco and soldiers and civilians from across Forward Operating Base Fenty participated in to raise money and awareness for breast cancer as part of the Mammograms in Action program Oct. 17.

The face behind this story is Greg Glassman. In 1996 he founded Cross-Fit, which was his first company. He wanted to create an effective set of workouts that would give people a chance to make faster improvements in their personal quests for a fit physique. In 2000, Glassman established CrossFit, Inc, which has since become a famous worldwide fitness brand, with the largest numbers of gyms in the US.

Rise to Prominence

At first, crossfit gained popularity among people merely wanting to improve their overall physical condition and test how much their bodies were able to expand their limitations. However, as this new regime became more public, it became popular with US troops, who incorporated crossfit rules into their own workouts. Afterwards, they were joined by different law enforcement organizations and other agencies that needed a physically well-prepared and fit staff. The US Army made a study about its members and crossfit efficiency. It turned out that their power capacity increased by 20% thanks to this program.

In addition, some famous sportspeople and fitness gurus like John Welbourn and Bob Harper have become crossfit advocates, furthering its reach to the general population.

Why Start Doing It?

Sgt. Matt Blanchett, a fire support sergeant with Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 1-297th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, Alaska Army National Guard, power cleans 135 pounds during the 2014 CrossFit Open Workout 14.4 on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, March 21. The CrossFit Open serves as a worldwide competition where athletes compete for slots in the annual CrossFit Games by submitting their scores online with either a video or validation by a CrossFit affiliate. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Edward Eagerton)

Many people mention this routine as something incredibly exhausting and physically difficult. But the truth is that many people who take up crossfit are beginners. They are usually fed up with the mundane weightlifting-treadmill-squat routine, but desire to experience something more complex. Since this workout formula combines numerous disciplines (powerlifting, plyometrics, kettlebell training, gymnastics, track and field etc.), it keeps us focused. The more different activities there are to be done, the more attention we pay to them. In addition, personal trainers are of greatest importance here, especially for beginners, to help them relax and have a safe start in this field.

 Test your with these kettlebell complexes

Any Reasons to Avoid It?

Like in every other field of strenuous physical work, it is of greatest importance that amateurs and professionals alike use appropriate exercising techniques. Since you have to do different types of exercises, deriving from various sports, following your trainer’s directions is essential. Contrary to that, doing it your own way will result in injuries. It is also impossible to follow the beat of your own drum if you want to try crossfit – the thing that completes this regime is groupthink, and a sense of community that doesn’t even appear in spin class.

All workouts are carefully planned out for a group of people, to perform simultaneously, and there is no room for occasional gym goers (who pose a threat to their own , primarily). The exercises are aggressive and fast, and not meant for everybody. The goal is to reach that special state of mind just before having to stress-vomit. Workouts take their toll on the health of participants more so than in other regimes, and crossfit recovery supplies have more importance than proteins have for weightlifting workouts.

Be Careful


Everybody will decide for themselves whether or not to start working out the way Mr. Glassman recommends. This study on the relation of fitness and injuries conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police proved that overweight officers are more likely to get injured if they don’t work out regularly. On the other hand, improperly performed exercises can also cause injuries, and the speed of a regular crossfit class is open territory for injuries caused by rushing it. This is a field of fitness where the trainer’s instructions count the most.

Our sedentary generation has many options to improve their health and shape. It is up to our individual and whatever our health enables us to do to decide whether we will try our luck at crossfit or some other fitness program. Whichever program it is, listen to your trainer, and invest in some good sneakers!

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