Author: Carl Towns

6 Great Tips to Improve Your Muscle-Growth Training

Gaining muscle when you have a 100 mph metabolism is a battle. Your friends may even be envious that you’re the guy who can eat whatever he wants in double […]

Cycling during Recovery – 5 Great Ways it Combats Addiction

My Story I got drunk for the very first time when I was 9-years old. However, my high from alcohol wasn’t enough as my childhood years went by. At 14, […]

3 Main Differences in Training For Size vs. Training for Strength

Lifting muscle

If you are going to the gym and your aim is getting big and strong, it is important that you understand that each of them can be very different things. […]

6 Reasons Jogging Can Help With Addiction

6 Jogging addiction

“Going jogging makes me feel powerful and free….” – Jennifer Hudson, actress and singer. “The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing […]