Author: Nicole Noel

4 Things Destroying Your Health and Performance

destroying health and performance

You might be hitting the gym five times a week, sweating a lot, and constantly having sore muscles but still not seeing any progress with your workout performance. Even worse, […]

How to Get Rid of Bloating and Keep Your Belly Flat

How many times have you felt like a puffer fish, with your stomach bloated, full, swollen, and even painful, even if you haven’t had a heavy meal recently? Well, you’re […]

How Do I Avoid Sitting All Day?

Unhealthy sitting

“Sitting is a silent killer”, it doesn’t sound as dangerous as it should be. Unfortunately, a lot spend most of their day in one position without a single exercise. The dangers […]

Treating Yoga Injury: When to Heat It and When to Ice It

Yoga injury hot cold

Yoga is known to improve respiration, heart rate, metabolism and it reduces pain. Furthermore, it can make your body more flexible, stronger and can be an alternative therapy method for […]

7 Outdoor Sports Best For Weight Loss

In the winter, the good old gym comes to our rescue every time we need to shed a few pounds. As summer is close, outdoor activities seem more appealing. Going […]

5 Surprising Ways Water Influences Exercise And Weight Loss (#4 is unbelievable!)

The Influence of Hydration Water is often marked as the source of life, which is pretty true, because there’s no living creature that can survive without water, nor a life […]