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8992457511_d0511e34ce_oI’ve been promoting kettlebells here and there with my recent posts but as I mentioned right at the end, you sometimes need something to complement an already well-rounded workout. In the pursuit of and , complementing a workout means looking for ways your body can still grow beyond its current limitations. The is a great tool, yes, but it has its limits. Gym rats would recommend focusing on the workouts done with the barbell and to have kettlebells to complement it. In my case, and for most home-gym warriors, we use our kettlebells as the main driver of our workout and have bodyweight exercises to complement it.

From my perspective, bodyweight exercises can greatly enhance what a kettlebell can improve but some aspects of bodyweight training a kettlebell cannot touch. I’ve done a lot of kettlebell complexes that continually build my strength and levels but I find myself often empty without at least doing a few round of push-ups or maybe even a burpee or two just to say I trained in a whole new dimension besides with kettlebells.

Often times I find myself wanting to try more and more bodyweight workouts but what stuck with me would be push-ups (and a few variations), pull-ups/chin-ups, squats (and a few variations), and burpees. And yes, I also hate burpees but I can’t say they don’t work the way they should.

Featured in today’s article is an old video about the different types of bodyweight workouts you can do at home and with a few equipment you can also use to aid you. Bodyweight exercises may seem the “weaker” version of lifting weights but trust me, after watching the video below, you’ll be blogging about it too if you could.

Now wasn’t that bad ass? My jaw dropped when I first watched this. It was really, really insane! I’ll even admit that I can’t just do a back-flip like he does in the video but  to combine that with a push-up?

Here’s another video by Frank Medrano, a fitness enthusiast who promotes bodyweight exercises above all forms of strength and overall fitness workouts.


I don’t know about you guys but that video made me want to do a few pull-ups myself! Catch ya guys later!



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