Why Coffee is Good for You


I love coffee. In fact the rest of the world agrees with me. After water, the votes are tied between tea and coffee. I myself love both but nothing can beat the buzz I get from brewed coffee. Most people use creamers and sugar plus a whole list of flavors and spices but I prefer mine brewed or pressed and definitely black. A majority of people drink coffee for the energy boost while some like me actually get a soothing and calming effect in it. Whether for pleasure or for function, coffee can definitely be a source of health and wellness. There are a lot of benefits for coffee and you’ll be happy to know that among them can indeed improve your strength and fitness.

Regular consumption of coffee can have a myriad of health and fitness benefits. They can do a lot of things and most of the time, these benefits are maximized when drinking black coffee. I listed just five below.

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