How to Conquer Bodybuilding in a Plant Based Diet

The question echoes in all our minds, amplified by the doubt spoken by others. ‘Is it really possible to build muscle and be vegan?’ The surface of the truth might look frightening, but what lies underneath is a blissful answer.

When striving towards your dream body there are so many things to factor in, a major one being diet. Diet is critical for cutting fat and giving your body the proper nutrients to feed off of and grow.

Many diets claim to give the best benefits for building muscle. Sadly, veganism is often overlooked. So how do we build a monstrous body while maintaining a vegan diet?

Don’t Give in to the Opinion of Others

Since becoming Vegan I have crossed paths of many who feel the need to voice their thoughts. Let’s face it, a plant based diet is frowned upon like a bad habit.

They speak about the lack of nutrients and assumed testosterone building meats that are essential when building muscle. But this knowledge they announce is a false presumption.

If we venture past quickly skimming articles that proclaim ‘you can’t be a bodybuilder without meat,’ we come to find that there is so many more benefits to being vegan than meets the eye.

Know Your Priorities

Our muscles devour protein like stuffing on Thanksgiving day, but why do our muscles need this renown nutrient?

When we’re training in the gym, we are tearing our muscle tissue. During our resting period our bodies begin to heal those torn muscles with amino acids. When we consume nutrients, such as protein, our bodies break them down into these amino acids. Then our worn out muscles begin to rebuild for the next gut-wrenching workout.

This is why it is important to prioritize nutrients in your diet. All nutrients are essential in your diet with protein being the most important and carbohydrates being a close second.

Enjoy the Outstanding Benefits

Before I became vegan, my passion for bodybuilding was fueled by mass consuming protein. And just like many others I understood this as eating meat with meat with a heaping side of more meat.

Because of popular speculation, I was under the misconception that protein = meat. While meat does hold true to being a great provider of protein, there are so many substitutes for vegans.

Not only do these alternatives give you huge doses of protein but they also deliver mass amounts of other nutrients. All of which are necessary for the body to truly thrive in your quest to bulk your muscles.

Here Are Some Examples:

Gardein is a brand committed to creating healthy meat alternatives that are not only jam packed with essential nutrients, but are also made using the power of plants.

I’ve listed some of my absolute favorites here:

  1. Meatless meatballs. These extraordinary meatball alternatives produce 15g of protein, 150 calories, 9g of carbs and 20% your daily value of Iron per serving.
  2. Beefless Tips. These delicious steak alternatives produce 19g of protein, 170 calories, 8g of carbs, and 0 cholesterol per serving.
  3. The Ultimate Beefless Burger. This excellent burger alternative produce 15g of protein, 140 calories, 8g of carbs and 250mg of potassium per burger.

All of these, among other products, provide great amounts of protein and other nutrients just by themselves. And when you add them to additional items such as pasta, rice, or burger condiments you get a meal that delivers a whopping amount of those necessary muscle building factors.

And if you’re anything like me, you might find yourself stuffing your face with the entire package after an intense workout.

Other than Gardein, there are many other foods that are just as nutritious.

Jackfruit is a delicious fig that can be prepared as a meat substitute, a snack, or blended into a dressing. The possibilities are endless. One company by the name of The Jackfruit Company has conveniently made a variety of uses for the jackfruit. They boast high fiber, zero cholesterol, low calories, and the gluten/soy free attributes of the oversized fig.

Tofu, Tempeh, and Seitan are just a few more popular meat substitutes that pack a good punch of protein and vitamins for building muscle.

Harness the Natural Energy

Our bodies are designed to be a moving ball of energy. But in order to utilize that energy we must treat our body to food that can efficiently amplify that energy.

It’s no wonder so many people complain about their lack of energy and motivation. When you don’t feel energized, you aren’t motivated.

Being apart of a healthy diet promotes your body to produce energy, and a ton of it. Thus giving you that extra boost to power through your demanding workout. Rather than the little energy you receive when consuming foods high in saturated fats.

The motivation will seep through your pores.

These foods that are high in nutrients and low in fat, fuel your body for hours rather than filling you up during your quick fix only to find yourself starving again within 30 minutes.

Quench Your Muscles With Vegan Protein

If you’re swollen muscles are still demanding more protein after you engulf your meal then you will want to consider protein supplements. A highly promoted tool in the bodybuilding world, protein supplements are used to give your body a nitrous boost if your diet isn’t sufficiently feeding your muscles with your decided amount of protein.

Upon looking, you might come to realize most protein contains whey (aka milk). But don’t fret because there are many vegan friendly protein powders.

One of my absolute favorites, and the best tasting in my opinion is a brand by the name of Evolve. Boasting no GMO’s, 10g of fiber, and 20g of protein per serving, this more than sufficient powder is the perfect addition to your mouthwatering vegan meal.

Upon Evolve there are many other protein brands that provide excellent benefits as well. Vega is another very popular plant based protein with 25g of protein, 4g BCAAs, and 130 calories per serving.

Become Your Absolute Best

The art of bodybuilding is something many desire but lack the self discipline to accomplish. It may seem difficult, but the satisfaction makes it worth it.

A plant based diet doesn’t need to be hidden from the world of fitness. you can become the beast you’ve always dreamt of. You can demand the highest results, knowing your body can provide the surging energy. And after your workout you can gorge yourself in highly nutritious foods to heal your body stronger than ever.

With your new found faith in being a vegan bodybuilder, you can soar pass the expectations, of those who doubt you, with flying colors. So now it’s up to you. Will you fly with me?

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