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  • Hi There,

    My name is Jane and I am writing because having spent over a decade as a nutritionist, I’ve learned two things. Firstly, dieting is not the solution to being out of shape or overweight, and secondly, everyone’s bodies are different. For example, a well-balanced, but restricted diet and exercise works for me, but my husband has found a fasting regime mixed with exercising on an empty stomach to be better for him.

    Now, as the Content Manager for a small fitness and nutrition site, I felt it important we cover the topic of intermittent fasting and how it can help some people lose weight and actually boost their workouts. The guide covers what fasting is, how it compares to diets, who should not do it, and also the different kinds of fasting people can undertake. I know you are busy, but you can check out the article here:

    Recently, I came across and having read, I feel this is a subject you would like to cover. If you would like to add it as a resource, that’d be great, however. I am also more than happy to write a brief introduction or summary for you to put on your website.

    Please let me know what you think!

    Best Regards,

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