Do These 4 Diet Trends Actually Work?

Diet Trends

After feeling a little embarrassed about our summer bodies this year, many of us will be planning to start the autumn with a new diet plan. Eating healthily and getting some exercise always makes you feel better, and may also help the sometimes-tricky transition into more wintery climes. There are other benefits of dieting too. Many people who want to know how to get rid of dry skin or how to have more energy will often find the answer lies in eating well.

To help you get back on the nutritional bandwagon, we have put together a list of the top four diets trending at the moment, looking at their rules and regulations, the weight-loss promised and whether there’s any evidence behind the claims…

  1. Posted food


First on the list of diet trends this year is posted food. As unappealing as this sounds, food that comes through your letterbox is turning out to be surprisingly gourmet. And what’s more, by outsourcing the control and preparation of your meals to someone with your ‘s best interests at heart, you are likely to eat much better quality meals as a result. Some will send packages of pre-made meals for you to heat up; others put the raw ingredients in a box and ask you to do a bit more work. Either way, all food sent is nutritionally balanced and designed with your daily calorific goals in mind. This is a good option for people with spare cash around, as eating only what gets sent is certainly going to help you on the way to weight loss. However it all comes as a price. With some charging as much as $700 for a week’s worth of food this may not be a long-term solution for many.

  1. Detoxing


People often love the idea of a detox to clear out their system and start fresh. There is a whole range of different detox plans around, with varying levels of food and fluid intake. Most offer light meals, increased water consumption, and focus on key natural nutrients from acidic juices and certain vegetables. As with posted food, it may be a good option if your interest lies more in an immediate boost or weight loss, as it will certainly mean a reduction in calories. And for those concerned with how to get rid of dry skin, this may also be a good option as many detox programs recommend increased consumption of skin-friendly foods such as avocado, nuts and fish. For the long term however, it may not be advisable, as you will be restricting yourself to a limited amount (and type) of food.

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  1. Fasting


Fasting diets may not be new this year, but they have taken on different forms and rules for 2015. By now most people have heard of the 5:2 diet. This involves eating whatever you want for five days each week and then restricting yourself to 500-600 calories on the other two, hence the name. It proved pretty successful a few years back, but there have been some recent updates to this dieting trick. Some experts are advocating fasting on alternate days, but with a less significant calorie restriction each time. Essentially the diet is reducing your overall weekly calorific intake so, if stuck to correctly, will lead to weight loss. Just be careful to get your essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients each day, even when you are not eating so much.

  1. Group Dieting


Finally, a new trend is emerging that emphasizes the social part of weight loss. There have been a range of diet books published recently that discuss the increased amount of loss per person when a group of people try to shed pounds together. Again, this is nothing new – commercial weight loss programs have been capitalizing on the social support providing by slimming groups for years. The new crop of books on this subject go further however, highlighting that even outside of established dieting programs the friendship and community support that comes from trying to achieve something in a group is actually effective in promoting longer-term weight loss. There isn’t sufficient research to back this up as yet, but it does make intuitive sense. If you have some friends with similar weight loss goals, there’s nothing to stop you buddying-up and seeing whether it makes a difference.

To Conclude

So there you have it, four new dieting trends that will be determining our eating habits in the months ahead. Anything that reduces calorific intake in comparison to calories burned is going to help you lose weight, so opt for whichever of these suits your preferences and lifestyle. But remember, eating healthily isn’t just about getting rid of a few pounds; it can also be the answer to how to get rid of dry skin, feel happier, and have more energy. Try one of these ideas and see how you get on.

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