Doing Dan John’s Dare

Dan John
Dan John

Have you guys heard of Dan John? If you’ve been involved in online fitness research, chances are you’ve come across a few articles by him specially those on kettlebell topics. He’s one of my favorite coaches and I often get my workout inspirations from his articles and his grueling workouts. He is popularly known for his 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge.

This challenge was more about training your discipline and focus than it was about burning lots of fat (which it effectively does). The test was to perform 10,000 single kettlebell swings in just one month. To add to the challenge, a strength workout is inserted between clusters. Some go light with kettlebell goblet squats while veterans would go as far as a barbell squat. It really depends which form of torture you want.

I personally did this challenge before with a 32 kg kettlebell and I gotta say, this one was much more challenging mentally than it was physically. I did 500 per day as prescribed with goblet squats in between. It was mentally hard to think about this workout every morning. There were even times when I tried to give myself excuses to stop this madness or to not do it on that day but I was already in too deep to stop. I would often think, halfway through my swings, on whether I would finish 500 or not.

For those who are just learning how to swing a kettlebell, you might think that swinging 10,000 times isn’t hard at all. Well let me tell you that the swing part is easy but the number of times you have to do that per day to get to 10,000 isn’t. Trust me, I tried this and it will make you want to give up halfway every day. If you’re a veteran swinger, this will definitely test your strength and focus. Plus it will be fun. But this article isn’t about the swing challenge. I’m talking about another challenge that eludes many.

I call this challenge “Dan John’s Dare”

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