Doing Dan John’s Dare

Dan John

Doing Dan John’s Dare

I won’t prolong this blog with nonsense. Dan John’s Dare goes like this:

With kettlebells, I have a “funny” challenge for you:

1 double KB clean and 1 double KB front squat
2 double KB clean and 2 double KB front squats
3 double KB cleans…and you see where this is heading.

Here’s the challenge: go all the way up to 10 and 10 with the 24 kilo bells (32’s if you’re real serious) without putting the ‘bells down. So far, no takers!

That’s just part of a complex workout. I tried that myself the other day and I honestly just got to 8 before my arms gave. I’m not kidding when I tell you how difficult this workout is. And it was all done with a pair of 24 kg kettlebells! Imagine the agony I would’ve had if I did this challenge with my favorite 32 kg pair. I might not even make it past 3 or 4 turns.

Watch the videos above for proper technique reference

Now why am I writing about this? Well because it’s another simple but effective kettlebell complex and it’s sad that few people know about it. This is also one of the most time-efficient workouts I know. I first had my hand in this challenge 2 years ago and it was back when I was still using a pair of 16 kg. I found insurmountable difficulty back then as I was still learning the basics. I managed to complete it to 10 in under 8 minutes with my rest period staying still in the racked position.

With a pair of 24’s, I managed to get to 8 in under 6 minutes but after that round my lungs were gasping for air, my arms were begging for mercy, my thighs felt like they were stabbed by knives, and my heart rate was so high it felt like it would jump out of my chest. It only took me less than 6 minutes to get to that point and what more with a relatively light pair of kettlebells!

Now the challenge stands for those who want to try the full 10 with a pair of 24 kg kettlebells. I’m not doing this challenge yet as I’m busy training to snatch a 24 kg kettlebell 200 times in under 10 minutes. This is the challenge of Pavel in his Rite of Passage requirement.

To those who wish to try Dan John’s Dare, good luck and have a good rest day!

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