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It’s not crazy to think that beer has any benefits. No, I’m not talking about the way it makes you forget your ex for a few hours and just laugh uncontrollably at any dumb joke you hear. I’m talking about the actual benefits of beer. Yes, as crazy as my statement sounds, beer actually has something good for the human .

I don’t normally drink beer and if I do it’s because of an occasion or some social gathering that requires me to drink for good gesture. One reason is that I’m actually allergic to it. All it takes is about two whole bottles of beer and I’m out red, dizzy, and a bit puffy on the hands, feet, and face. Many people say it’s quite unfortunate that this is one of my primary food allergies (I have two, the other one is some sort of shellfish that I forgot what) since it’s stopping me from enjoying it. Well, perhaps I’m missing a lot but I always did say that they should be thankful I’m not allowed to get drunk because they’ll always have a driver after their done. Not to mention a guy with a clear head to hail cabs and pay the bills for them when their heads are too messed up. But I digress.

Many people know what beer is but almost the same number of people also don’t know its many benefits. I began researching about beer when I was studying beer chemistry and yeast fermentation in college. Well I won’t bore you with the dumb details but read on to see just how much you should drink to have its benefits.

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