Eggs Are Healthier Than You Think

Eggs are one of my favorite types of food. I was taught in school that this little thing is the perfect food as it contains all the necessary nutrients to make life (well, a chicken’s life). By all means, eggs are healthy and are delectable. As far as recipes are concerned, you can play a lot with this food as it happens to be one of nature’s most versatile sources of nutrition.

Primarily served as part or as the main meal of breakfast, eggs have reached a certain level of popularity across the world as a staple food. In addition to the delectable ways you can eat a piece of egg, they are also used as functional raw materials specially in baking. But eggs are also known as good “” food. It’s one of the most natural and preferred way of ingesting protein and protein is essential when developing muscles. If you’re not concerned so much on muscle, eggs are still beneficial for those who want to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Despite the popularity of eggs, there have been a lot of controversies that surround them. Many are myths but most people can’t separate them from  fact. So much so that eggs have become quite antagonized as hazardous to a person’s . This is due to the so-called “facts” that say eggs increase cholesterol in the . While it does increase cholesterol, it’s not entirely bad for you.

Thankfully, with the advancement of research and medicine, recent studies show that this myth is actually not even close to what eggs are capable of. Scientists actually recommend an increased consumption of whole eggs. Studies have also concluded that you may choose to eat up to 3 whole eggs per day and it’s perfectly safe.

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