Fight for a Great Day: 8 Solid Reasons To Be A Morning Runner

solid reasons morning runner

There’s nothing like a nice, long run in the morning. Right? Wait – you don’t feel that way?

Well, you could if you knew all of the benefits of it. Those benefits are what get me up and going every morning.

1. It Fits Nicely Into My Busy Day

How many times have you told yourself you’re going for a run later in the day, but then the day gets away from you? Maybe you had a surprise meeting, your kid needed help with homework, or you ended up stuck in traffic. You don’t have to worry about any of that when you run first thing in the morning. You’re up before other people, giving you valuable alone time.

2. It Cures My Morning Hangover

Before I started running in the morning, I would roll out of bed, stumble to the coffee machine, and guzzle down my first cup of coffee before stepping into the shower. Now, I step out of bed, throw on my running gear, and go. Which one sounds more freeing to you? There’s something about being active in the morning that just makes you want to smile. It’s like you’ve started your day with excitement, determination, and energy from all the blood pumping through your veins.

Morning Run

3. I Get to Take In The Beautiful Views

Watching the sun come up is an eye opening experience. It’s a peaceful and inspiring setting to start each day with. You may never have realized it before because you were too busy stumbling around trying to get ready for work and getting your kids ready for school. When you head outside early in the morning, you see the world in a new way – a bright, beautiful one.

4. I Get Cleaner Air While I Run

Think about it – people aren’t out commuting to work early in the morning. As more people get on the road, the pollution from exhausts infiltrates the air. Running in the morning keeps you from breathing in all of those toxins.

5. It’s Safer for Me

I get out pretty early in the morning, and it’s so nice because there isn’t much traffic. When I come to intersections, I usually don’t have to worry about waiting for the cars to pass. When I have to run on the side of the street to get to paths with less traffic, I don’t have to worry as much because there may only be one or two cars that pass me. Getting out at the break of dawn means I’m running in the daylight without the risk of traffic.

6. It Extends My Morning Quiet Time

Getting up before everyone else is a good idea when you’re surrounded by people most of the day. It’s the only time you’ll be completely by yourself. Running gives you the escape you need to enjoy that moment of solitude a little longer. As you run, you can think about what’s important to you and contemplate the priorities in your life. It’s like therapy.

7. It Helps Me Get Some Listening In

Instead of music, sometimes it’s good to listen to an audio book. With such a busy schedule, reading doesn’t really fit. However, when you can listen to audio books while running, you can get those books read (…or listened to) off your wish list.

morning run

8. It Kick Starts My Metabolism

When you sleep, your metabolism sleeps too. When your metabolism sleeps, it doesn’t work for you. This means it won’t process all of those calories you’re taking in for breakfast. Running in the morning kicks your metabolism into high gear, so it’s ready to process your breakfast and everything else you eat throughout the day.

Become Part of the Morning Running Community

What better way to start your day than with a run? You may not think this is a big deal, but it will be when you understand it. When you run in the morning, you’ll likely see others doing it. Just waving your hand or smiling is all that is needed. People will be much more likely to do the same to you too. There’s something nice in knowing you aren’t all alone and seeing others who share in your interest. They’ll completely understand why you choose the morning to run.

You’re going to feel better, see the world differently, and get your energy up for a productive day once you get into this morning routine. Try it for a few days. It may be hard at first, but once you get into the habit of it, you’ll love it.

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