Fitness Benefits of Peanut Butter

Benefits of Peanut Butter

  • Eat peanut butter to bulk up

It is estimated that around 100 g of peanut butter roughly contains 20 g of carbohydrates of which 6 g of it are from (peanut) fiber, 25 g are protein, and around 50 g of fat. That therefore makes peanut butter a great source of nutrients for those looking to increase muscle mass by bulking.

  • Peanut butter is nutritiously good for you

Peanut butter isn’t just a sweet treat for our taste buds. If you would take the time to read and comprehend the nutrition label on your favorite peanut butter brand, you should be able to understand how much vitamins and minerals it contains. It has quite a lot of nutrients, actually, and among them are Vitamins E, B3, B6, Folate, Magnesium, Copper, and Manganese. What’s more interesting is that most of the nutrients it has can supply the body with at least 25-30% of the RDA. That’s a pretty good source of nutrients for just one type of food.
  • Get filled with just a few spoonfuls

Everyone who’s had their mouth filled with peanut butter know just how satiating and satisfying it is. With the same calories, sandwiches with peanut butter trump those without the spread when it came to how long it would take for a person to get hungry again. The peanut butter’s high fat nature will make you feel full quicker and the effect will definitely last longer.

  • Peanut butter is cost effective

Don’t bother looking for cheaper protein powders and weight gain shakes. They’re all expensive and the cheap ones are either expired or just not as effective (and probably bad for you too). As highlighted earlier, peanut butter is great for building mass and another plus side to that is how it is a cheaper alternative to your popular protein supplements. Not only that, on a per 100 calorie duel, you simply get more bang out of your buck with peanut butter.

  • Your heart will love it

Seems unlikely but true. Studies found that eating controlled amounts of peanut butter can help reduce the risk of getting heart diseases. Considering just how fatty it is, you won’t really think peanut butter is good for your heart but it is.

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