Fitness For Women Made Simple

This is famous pole vaulter Allison Stokke. She lives a normal life with a clean diet and lots of training. And yes, she lifts.

Women want to be fit and sexy much more than men and it’s not to attract men but to simply compete with themselves. Men do it to attract women but women do it so they can wear anything they want and still look good in it. The want is always there but the determination is often lacking. Lots of women do all the wrong things at once in an attempt to get fit faster. These women no longer recognize the rewards of hard work and they don’t care about the long term benefits of doing hard exercise. More often than not, these people lose their gains quicker than they lose their money in their pockets. That is if they actually gained anything from it.

Which is why this guide serves to make women specifically guided on how to get fit and healthy properly. This article will focus on hard work and dedication and will contain zero bullshit. No product endorsements, no newsletters to subscribe to, and specially no payments needed. This article aims to help anyone who might need someone to point them in the right direction.

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