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Being Fat

9678555375_fba8693a99_zGetting in shape has been a global challenge since the birth of fast-food. From being obese to having cardiac problems, being fat is generally equated to living an unhealthy lifestyle and this is not far from the truth. Often times these fat people became fat out of sheer love of always feeling good since eating, more often than not, makes us feel good and these fat people became addicted to that temporary satisfaction that they’ve allowed themselves to indiscreetly consume anything that would indulge their cravings. These cravings can go from simple sweets to fatty pork rinds. This in turn makes them fat and when they stop eating and think about how fat they are, they often become miserable. When they become miserable, the quickest way to a feel-good effect is by eating something and it doesn’t matter what it is or how potentially unhealthy it can make them. The cycle would go on like this and it has become a norm.

This is the sad state of today’s overweight society and it’s not getting any better. This is even harder for women. Society has made having a sexy figure be the benchmark of beauty and having that kind of a is by no means an easy task. Getting that pin-up model body you want is made specially harder due to the numerous instances of food cravings driven by endless proliferation of food advertisements that encourage indulgence. Just think: how many donuts are shown on T.V. against ads on broccoli? Exactly.

Women have it harder too when it comes to attracting would-be suitors and keeping them is even another story. Most people nowadays have only their eyes that can define what a beautiful woman is. In most cases, these people prefer a woman who resembles a sexy figure in society. Our eyes tell us what we want first before our brain does and this gives us the reason why physical appearances count much more on visual ads or posters than any other aspect of being human.8533155880_99bcc51efe_o

This gives us the reason why sexy women are the most profitable models for ads or T.V. shows. Your local ads can feature a totally lame product, like batteries, but an image of a scantily clad woman with the right figure can boost the number of times people, yes, not just men, will look or at least spend a few seconds observing the tarpaulin or poster. As for T.V., just look at your local T.V. show and you can bet that show has at least one or two hot girls who are playboy magazine cover models if given the chance.

Being a fat woman in society is very hard. You get judged and you have to eat so you can forget how you’re always judged. But this doesn’t have to be this way forever. This article is here to help you get off your butt and start losing weight and getting to be in your fittest form ever.

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