Focusing On Arm Exercises

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’ve been out and about lately, traveling to all sorts of places in the country while working (because I’m a freelance writer) and trying to get the most out of my life at 25.

Anyway, I would like to introduce to you the concept of arm training. I know, I know, we want to get the most out of our training everyday which is why we always should promote whole body workouts and I still do promote that type of training specially with kettlebell workouts. I’ve always blogged about kettlebells (in fact the next blog will be about kettlebells) because I fell in love with the way we train with them. But let’s deviate a little bit.

I’ve been sent an interesting infographic from our friends at Decibel Nutrition which caters to mastering the arm muscles. They’re the ones who sent me the infographic about an athlete’s diet and it was well received by my friends on Facebook, seeing how it was viewed quite a lot in just a few days. Going back, the exercises mentioned, as I inspected, were deemed for arms but it’s not exactly just the arms you’ll be using. Some of the exercises in the infographic below can be considered whole body workouts only the bulk of the work will be done by the arms. It’s a pretty interesting routine to note if I may so myself, how you can work with whole body exercises but still focus on a certain body part. Just like how the kettlebell snatch isn’t just a shoulder exercise (though you’ll definitely feel the DOMS set in that particular part the most) but it also involves the legs, glutes, and the stability muscles on your torso.

For more details, just click the image and it should lead you to their main article. I’ve browsed some of their work and I’m quite impressed with the amount of detail they put with each one.



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