Godzilla-Armor Building Kettlebell Complex

Godzilla-Armor Building Kettlebell Complex

One set would look like this:

2 double cleans

1 strict double military press

3 double front squats

1 double kettlebell lunge per leg

1 military press  per arm

Light weights will seem heavier. Stick with what you’re comfortable with before attempting to go all out. http://www.strongfirst.com/

I’d normally do 8 sets of this in under 10 minutes using a pair of 24s which I’ll then proceed to complete my 20 minutes with double swings with said pair and strict push-ups. You may opt to double or triple the Godzilla workout as you please but do not lower the weight for volume. It’s far better to lift low reps with heavy weights than high reps with light weights. As mentioned above, volume is ideal once intensity is solid. You’d be much better off building your pillar from a solid foundation.

The ideal weight of kettlebells would be the heaviest pair you can use to complete one whole set. It could be a pair of 24s or a pair of 32s but the point is that you can at least complete one whole set. The clean will be perfect, the press won’t be jerked, and the squat and lunges won’t be bouncy. This is a slow and steady workout. The purpose of this complex is not speed but endurance. You’ll just get faster once you get stronger. You won’t even have to force yourself to go fast. Trust me, it’s automatic.

As you can see, this will not only give you the innate benefits of the complexes mentioned above but will also test your body’s endurance specially your leg strength. It will also help you build upper body and core strength not only with the military presses but also with holding the racked position from start to finish.

Imagine the agony of holding on to a pair of heavy kettlebells while bearing in mind the fact that you have to finish this hell complex before you take a breather to start all over again. Your head will be filled with regret which you have to fight constantly. You will definitely be tempted to stop short or give up but don’t. Your arms will surely give way first but your legs will fall soon after but the rewards will be worth it all. Your focus and determination will definitely be tested with this monstrous complex.

Video references c/o Pat Flynn

Armor Builder


As seen from the videos, you will begin to understand just what kind of torture you’ll be getting yourself into. They do say that every person aspiring for strength and greatness are all silent masochists until they grunt. This complex will test your endurance much more than it will test your strength and will definitely improve your focus.


The Godzilla-Armor Building Complex is one of the most versatile workouts I have ever tried. It’s a whole different take from my current simple complex training which mostly aims to burn fat at a rapid rate. The idea behind this complex is training across multiple planes at the same time without rest. With this complex you improve your hip-thrust, core, arm, and leg strength, flexibility, stamina, and overall endurance. A good 15 minutes of this will make short-work out of you for sure.


I have other kettlebell challenges to make for you guys but this is my favorite one so far.

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