Healthy Strawberry and Yogurt Blend

I’m fond of natural juice blends because of their benefits. I’m also fond of juicing/blending them myself since it’s the healthier option. I’m used to blending even vegetables so you could say I’m a pretty crazy health-buff. Last Sunday mom requested me to blend a bunch of strawberries with yogurt and milk.

When I used to buy my juice from local juicers, I already had my thoughts of what mom’s recipe would taste like. I knew it would taste good but the thought didn’t really excite me as much as it should.

I mean, I’m quite acquainted when it came to proper food. I hold a degree in Food Science and Technology and I’ve also done my homework on what to eat or drink to make myself healthy from the inside. I knew strawberries have their antioxidants and vitamins but I never really gave them a second thought as much as I did my avocados and broccoli. Also, strawberries are quite expensive here in the Philippines so I’m a bit biased on that part.

Anyway, it wasn’t until I actually blended the whole stuff together that I realized how good a health treat it would be. I even included a few pictures of this wonderful health experiment:

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It was a wonderful recipe to make. It tasted the way a natural smoothie should taste: no preservatives, no sugar, no artificial stuff. I enjoyed it to the very last drop. I even ended up trying to lick the insides of my cup!

That’s all for now. I’ll try to write a new article on new types of shakes I come across and hopefully they’ll all taste good. Heck, I’m even planning on reviewing health juices and blends! Cheers!

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