How Do I Avoid Sitting All Day?

Unhealthy sitting

“Sitting is a silent killer”, it doesn’t sound as dangerous as it should be. Unfortunately, a lot spend most of their day in one position without a single exercise. The dangers of sitting and not having any kind of physical activity are far greater than dangers of not working out a good sweat. Knowing all the possible implications is the first step for doing something about this issue.

Dangers of sitting

Most aren’t aware of the potential dangers that sitting for more than 3 hours in a day presents. Actually, with today’s busy schedules, people sit all day at work or school and then come home both mentally and physically tired for another session of sitting before they go to bed. So sometimes, sitting lasts longer than sleeping. You might be puzzled as to why sitting causes physical fatigue. This is all related to other health problems that can occur due to such inactivity. Basically, people who sit through their day are in great risk of dying a premature death.

Back pain

What sitting actually does to the human body

As soon as you sit, all electrical activity in your legs stops which additionally leads to painful joints and osteoporosis, which again creates a never-ending circle of feeling muscle and joint pain when you suddenly try to be physically active. Moreover, calorie burning drops to one calorie per minute which increases the risk of weight gain and fat accumulation. This can cause obesity which is one of the main causes for cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Also, after two hours of sitting, good cholesterol drops by 20 percent. After the whole day of sitting and general inactivity, insulin levels drop as well which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Is there a way to fight this habit?

Contrary to the popular belief, some of the professional chiropractic services claim that 30 minutes or even more of some kind of physical activity is not enough to bring the body’s overall health back to normal if you don’t break the sitting time in chunks. Therefore, your best bet is to interrupt your sitting in any way you can.

Standing job

How to deal with a desk job

If you have to spend your work day sitting at a desk and staring into the computer you’ve probably already experienced some issues that originated from this kind of inactivity. Still, no one is going to consider you lazy or a bad worker if you get up from your desk every half an hour to walk around the office, stretch and even do some squats or jumping jacks. If the work place allows it, ask for or get your own standing desk. Also, you can try eating your lunch while standing up.

How to deal with school

Children of all ages have to sit through their classes, but as they grow older and reach teenage years, children lose interest in playing and running during their breaks. The danger is that most of the teenagers remain seated at their desks even during the breaks. The way to prevent dangers of sitting in this case is to talk to the kids and make them realize that they should leave their classroom for a reason. Walking between the classes is a great preventive measure for all above-mentioned risks.

How to deal with car travelling

Sometimes it is really hard to skip the car ride to work, but if you can do without it, you should definitely go for it. Those lucky enough to have the possibility to walk to work should take this opportunity seriously while those who need some kind of transportation should settle with public transportation such as trains and buses, where they should wait for their stop while standing up.

Injury stretch

How to deal with sitting habits

No one says that you can’t watch TV or read a book while sitting comfortably at your home, but again, try to break this time in chunks. On the other hand, if you feel confident in your own self-control, make sure not to spend more than an hour indulging in hobbies and activities that require sitting.

As you can see, sitting is the disease or even an addiction of the modern world and it can easily be compared with smoking. Taking good care of your health and body isn’t only reserved for one tiny period in a day. If you’re aware of all the problems that sitting in one position for a long period of time can cause, it is up to you to make your whole day about preventing them.


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