Infographic: 21 Incredible Foods For Preventing Hair Loss

hair loss food

Hair Loss Food

Hair loss is usually a problem encountered by men as they age but women encounter it too specially during stressful situations. This study has even researched the effect of external stressors on hair follicles. Before you take that hair loss pill or weird shampoo, maybe it’s better to eat your way to hair growth first. It’s not only natural and healthy but is easily sustainable and cost effective. An infographic by Molly Garner displays the 21 best hair loss foods which will make sure your hair loss problems will become a thing of the past!


Preventing or reversing hair loss is a matter of concern throughout the world. People of all ages, gender, race or location are experiencing issues like hair loss, hair thinning, balding etc. For some people, these problems are creating extra pressures too.

While the hair loss is generally seen on men, millions of women are also experiencing these problems.

As a result of the widespread nature, various hair loss prevention methods have been introduced. Some of them may work on some people, but there isn’t any single medication or prevention system which works on all hair loss patients.

However, there are actually some natural methods which work on most people. For example, eating the right foods could be a great way to reduce or prevent hair loss. And the following infographic by Colaz Derby will show you the 21 best foods for preventing hair loss.

hair loss food

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