Infographic: Best Foods To Eat Before, During, And After Workouts

Best food workout

Best food workout

Getting and keeping fit is a difficult road to travel. Many people keep fit because they like the feeling of being toned and strong or perhaps they have specific goals in mind like participating in some activity and require their fitness to be at a certain level. Others have to workout simply to keep healthy. They may be overweight and have been assigned a healthy eating and fitness plan that they need to stick to.

Whatever the reason for working out, it’s important to make it worth the effort. There is no point in putting in graft and hard work for a gruelling fitness regime if you are not fuelling your body correctly. Worse still would be to be fuelling your body with all the wrong things.

This infographic from My Fitness Boutique in the UK gives some ideas about what you should be eating in the lead up to your workout, what you should intake during the program, and also what to have post-workout. This will make all the difference to your regime and ensure that your effort is maximized. Check out the infographic below!

workout food infographic

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