Infographic: Coffee Culture From Around The World

Coffee around the world

This is a rare post where I would feature something that’s not exactly and related or at least not like the articles we’re used to seeing. It’s just that I love coffee and after water, coffee is definitely the drink I’d want to have all the time. The infographic below lists some pretty neat stuff about coffee some of which I had no idea myself despite my love for coffee.


Coffee, the wonderfully aromatic conduit, is a global phenomenon. For centuries, people have been drinking coffee all over the world. Although most people in the world enjoy coffee, it is roasted, brewed, and drank in a variety of different ways. Coffee began its spread from Ethiopia in the 15th Century and has never stopped.

Today, coffee is enjoyed all over the world, with Finland consuming more than any other country – imbibing 608.2 litres of coffee per capita. From the simple Italian espresso shot to traditional Turkish coffee ceremonies, Espresso Works shows us people around the world take their cup of coffee.


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