Infographic: Food Loss and Wastage around the World

Food loss

Food loss

In this age of excess where almost one billion people go hungry, studies have shown that up to one third of all food is spoiled or squandered before it is consumed. This signifies a waste of the labour, water, energy, land and other efforts that went into producing that food. When we scrape off our dishes after a delicious meal, too full to finish the remaining scraps on our plate, we rarely stop and think about the meaning of our action.

In our heads we think – if we have leftover food scraps, shouldn’t I throw it in the bin? Regrettably, our unchanging routine makes it hard for us to understand the extent of global food waste. The problem is much bigger than we think. The below infographic, created by Civilian, looks at wastage of food on a global scale.

food loss

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