Infographic: What your BMI means and How to Improve your Running Pace

If you’re interested in leading a healthy lifestyle it’s important to learn about your body and the steps you can take to improve it. There are so many ways you can get on the right track, but basic cardio (running) and practicing mindful eating are two great ways to start developing healthy habits. A running pace calculator will help you find the perfect pace for you while building up your running muscles and endurance. Learning about your body mass index is another way to understand and pay attention to your body, what it needs, or what you should improve on. Calculating your BMI will tell you if you’re under, over, or at a normal weight for your height. This calculation is not meant to discourage or scare you, but instead, teach you about your body in ways you don’t often think about.

Read more about both in the infographics below!

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