Jump Rope: A Tool for Fat Loss

jumping rope muscle

jumping rope muscle

There are different ways of burning fat. Most would run, ride a bicycle, or lift weights. But what if you’re unable to do all three or you’ve found them boring after doing them day in and day out? There’s still one more way and that is to use jump ropes. You read that right; the rope with handles on each end that kids play with can actually be your personal fat incinerator. It’s a minimal approach but it gets the work done and it’s quite good at it too. Shedding fat through rope work is actually fun and challenging. It adds a variety to your daily routine and is known to be efficient and effective. Which is why you often hear the sound of rope scratching the ground when you visit boxing gyms. Some professional athletes actually have this as a staple for their workout routine.

This little rope with handles may not seem much and its lightweight can deceive anyone but many would tell you how good this is as a tool for a full body workout. Yes, it’s mostly cardio but the pump it gives your lower body can still build a bit of muscle. It also has a whole roster of benefits which should be enough to make you want to try this out.

Benefits of jumping rope for fitness

  • Effective Fat Burner

Jumping rope is actually quite efficient in fat burning and because of its efficiency, the time you need to skip rope is minimal. An easy 10-minute workout will be enough to burn you at least 200 calories. To compare, you have to run an eight-minute mile to burn more calories.  You can also choose to go slow for a longer time or go all out with maximum speed for a quick fat burning.

  • Feels good for your brain

As with all forms of cardio, skipping rope will also provide you that “buzz” or a major endorphin release which is what most runner call “the runner’s high.” The sensation gives you a sense of overwhelming pride and happiness which creates a healthy environment for the brain. You would definitely think clearer and better. In addition to that, the feel-good hormone can help relieve you of stress which is a common cause of serious diseases such as cancer.

  • Cheap enough for anyone

Anyone can afford a jump rope. There are jump ropes meant for athletes and training but the important thing is how you use it. A decent rope shouldn’t cost you more than a few bucks. With that, there really is no excuse not to own one. It’s a nice thing to have around and will definitely give you the variety you need in case you get bored lifting hundreds of pounds. Still not enough to convince you? Compare a burger to a jump rope. Which will benefit you in the long run?

  • Light weight

The jump rope’s size is one of its perks. It’s small and compact. You barely need storage space for this. Heck, you shoes are bulkier than this. You can carry this anywhere without having consequence on your luggage fees. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers who don’t want to miss out on their exercise.

Skip rope for circuit training

Based on a study, skipping rope beats running when it comes to burning fat. By good reason, though, you won’t be jumping rope for hours like what most do when they run but rope work definitely expends more calories in a given time frame. To add difficulty and to maximize muscle work, you could opt to have heavier handles or heavier ropes.

A weighted jump rope would be ideal for building strength and weight loss. The added weight will enhance your upper body strength simply by trying to control the rope and maintain momentum. The heavier weight would also affect your lower body in providing much more resistance.

Including rope work into your workouts is a great way to enhance your body’s fat furnace. Training with jump ropes via HIIT or high intensity interval training could actually enhance your metabolism for up to 24 hours after you work out. The effect will enhance and even stack with your other exercises and could improve your fat burning ability. Additionally,rope work done in HIIT would also reduce muscle loss even if the nature of the exercise is aerobic.


The jump rope is a seemingly simple tool meant for recreational purposes but it’s potential in fat burning has been proven effective. Whether you’re an athlete or a simple Joe wanting to lose a bit of weight, rope work is effective and efficient, trumping jogging or running in terms of calorie burn. Rope work can also be used by body builders who could want a different type of cardio that will also help stimulate muscle growth. This tool has already surpassed its own reputation as a toy and has since evolved as an alternative to incinerating fat.

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