Kettlebell Burpee Workout

Kettlebell Burpee Tutorial

Now you may simply do a Google search and you’ll find a whole bunch of other videos of which you might mistake as the kettlebell burpee but not really. Although this is just me sticking to what a burpee should look like with kettlebells.

This workout is pretty mean on its own. I actually did a number of these earlier today and I felt the burn in just a few rounds. Try doing this in under 15 minutes or maybe as a 5-minute finisher to your lifting just to get your daily cardio fix but with some weights on.

You may try the other variations but I’m not quite fond of them. Among those other variations I’m not quite fond of, but interested in doing, is the one done by people from the RKC. One reason I’m not as crazy about them is due to the level of risks involved. Just check it out:

The level of fatigue may injure you, or those around you, if you’re not careful with those snatches. Take note of their forms as well. As the fatigue sets in, their backs start to arch which is a pretty bad sign that you’re overdoing the workout. Kettlebells ultimately require perfect form every time and perhaps a rest period is definitely recommended for those willing to take the challenge above. Also, notice how their push ups are starting to arch and become half-done. Quality reps matter no matter what kind of workout you do specially when you’re fatigued.

Take the danger factors and add safety in the mix, it looks mean and I’ll wager it’s on the advanced levels of kettlebell workouts. I may try them one day but not now or next month. Alternatively, what you I usually do is perform swings (double KB or one handed) and burpees separately. I usually do a countdown workout with fast-paced exercises like those.

BONUS: Pat Flynn’s variations seem safer although he also does a similar workout as with the video above.

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