Kettlebell Complex: Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity

Now mind you, I’ve posted articles on different kinds of complexes before but this is in addition to that. The great thing about one or a pair of kettlebells is the variety of workouts you can perform. You basically have your own gym if you own a pair and some decent floor space. As with that, here is the complex I developed. You may find some similarities to other complexes you’ve seen somewhere else (and please tell me where you saw it) but I guarantee you I just thought of this myself.

Beauty in Simplicity complex:

Tool: 1 x 32 kg (or the heaviest kettlebell you can swing 100 times with in 5 minutes)

Sets will be in a descending ladder which means you will subtract the total number of reps as you progress

1st set

10 Single kettlebell swings per arm (20 swings total)

5 kettlebell squats per arm (10 total)

5 one leg push ups per leg (10 total)

2nd set

8 Single kettlebell swings per arm (16 swings total)

4 kettlebell squats per arm (8 squats total)

4 one leg push ups per leg (8 push ups total)




5th set

2 Single kettlebell swings per arm (4 swings total)

1 kettlebell squat per arm (2 squats total)

1 one leg push ups per leg (2 push ups total)

This workout may take you less than 10 minutes or up to 15 minutes, depending on your skill level with the kettlebell you use. Now why use the heaviest bell you can swing for 100 times under 5 minutes? Simple reason: this is to see if your form has been perfected. The kettlebell swing is the simplest but also the most effective workout you can use. As Andrew Read states it:

If you were looking for a single exercise to care for the human frame you’d probably look for an exercise that helped us regain our posture from one of sitting hunched over to one that was upright, extended, and open. You’d probably also look for an exercise that worked the posterior chain to overcome all the negative effects of sitting and, if you could find one exercise that could do both of those, you’d probably also wonder if you could find one super exercise that could strengthen your heart and help you lose weight, too.

It’s called the kettlebell swing.

I based off the swing requirement from Pavel’s Simple and Sinister in case you were wondering.

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