How Much Should An Athlete Eat?

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A friend sent me a link about how they researched the food intake of popular athletes. It was actually a bit of luck since I was thinking of what to write about when I saw his article. But it wasn’t really surprising as much as it was revealing. I mean, most fitness buffs know that to bulk up, you have to eat more than the recommended calorie intake of a normal human being. We’ve always been taught to eat as much protein as you can and to get your sources from whole foods instead of processed powder crap. (I probably fired a few shots here but to hell with that)

How about me? I admit, I once bought into the idea of getting my protein from powders but I did that just once. I bought like 5 kg worth of protein powder and even if I liked the idea that a few scoops was enough to give me the protein I needed for the day, I simply found it too expensive for the benefits it gave me. Not to mention that I don’t really body-build but rather lose fat as a priority and gain muscle as a bonus/incentive.

I also watched this video by Elliot Hulse on how eating whole food is so much better than whey powder. I also began to think about nutrition on a holistic manner. I ended up discarding my thoughts about buying any sort of supplement and opt instead to get my nutritional source from real food. No offense to supplement lovers since those things probably work. What I’m getting at is how people got strong in the past without the need for supplements. That alone should suffice to eat natural food instead of processed crap your body doesn’t and will never need to get strong.

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