The Importance of Personal Integrity During a Workout

“Always be true to your form, whether it’s the first rep of a warm-up or the last hard-fought, forced rep. When you break your form and cheat, you bring in […]

Maximize Your Muscle Gains With These High Protein Smoothie Secrets

Smoothies muscle protein

Are you tired of granular and bland protein supplements? Have you been looking to enjoy a healthy drink without sacrificing taste or nutritional content? If so, then you are definitely […]

Your Summer Guide To Finding The Right Pay-Per-Use Gym In Toronto

A lot of Torontonians have a love/hate relationship with the gym – they see its value both for overall health, and looking and feeling good, but they hate being tied […]

Train Your Brain: Mindset at Mealtime Can Change the Game of Weight Loss

What if I told you that the reason you aren’t losing weight has nothing to do with your body? There is a serious correlation between the way we think and […]

4 Things Destroying Your Health and Performance

destroying health and performance

You might be hitting the gym five times a week, sweating a lot, and constantly having sore muscles but still not seeing any progress with your workout performance. Even worse, […]

Smartphones, Energy, and Why “Eating on Time” is a Scam

Smartphones, eating on time

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything else in between. The average working human being eats at least four times a day, composed mostly of the Big 3 meals plus some room […]

The Kodiak Bear Kettlebell Complex

Kodiak Bear kettlebell complex (1)

It’s been months since I last posted anything kettlebell related and its largely due to my line of work as a research writer. I did find time to compile a […]